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AirBank is a revolutionary, compact wireless power bank designed to adhere to the back of your phone through the power of suction cup technology. It boasts an impressive 5500mAh battery and with measurements of 2,36 x 2,16 x 1,18 inches, easily fits in your pocket. It's as small as an AirPods case (398mAh) yet has 13x more battery juice. The Australia-based company is launching an Indiegogo campaign soon to fund this product.

Most standard power banks are chunky and come with a charging cable. AirBank's breakthrough solution offers a power bank that is the world's smallest with a whopping 5500mAh battery and true wireless, no cable charging. It charges your phone battery from flat to fully charged in 1.5 hours.

"AirBank solves the main problems users face by smoothly sticking to the back of the phone with no need for wires, magnets, or additional equipment. Just stick it and forget it. Our patented design ensures that AirBank stays firmly in place, swiftly charges your battery and you barely notice it's there," says Omeir Ali, Founder & Lead Designer of the company.

"We came up with our solution through the right design and elements fitting together. The key was the small size of the battery that provides a lot of power. AirBank is truly is a win-win product," he continues. "The coil's circumference matches the size of the suction cups, everything is in the middle and no extra space is wasted. It also has the power button on the right like most smartphones, so the use is very familiar," he further adds.

AirBank Features

  • 5500mAh LiPo battery with 10W wireless charging duration of 1.5 hour
  • 2,36 x 2,16 x 1,18 inches
  • Built-in premium suction cups engineered to withstand any vertical and horizontal force
  • Rare 4-in-1 magnetic charging cable with no fixed USB adapters
  • Intelligent IP5332 SoC Chip
  • Outer shell made from ABS+PC, which creates a rigid yet lightweight structure with suction cup technology​
  • Mirror glossy finish and engraved logo on a high premium matte plate
  • Auto Turn OFF Technology built in to save battery when charging is not in use

Watch the unboxing video and see all the features of AirBank in 4K.

About Omarco

Founded in 2018 and based in Sydney, Omarco is built with a driven team whose mission is to pioneer brilliant products through innovation and to deliver the best possible user experience. They focus on the synchronized functioning of all elements. Design is the single most important part of the creative process. Omarco's designers and engineers aim to provide a luxury touch to every product they bring to life. After the initial launch in North America, AirBank will be launched in Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

For additional information, please contact, visit or download the press kit.

Source: Omarco


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