Olono Launches Mobile Sales Sidekick, On-the-Go App for Sales Reps in the Field

Sales AI Company Also Unveils Full Conversational Interface

Olono, formerly Nexd, today announced its new mobile app as well as full conversational interface, supporting text and messaging platforms such as Slack. With the new Olono mobile app, sales reps now have on-the-go access to personalized recommended actions and text alerts, and can easily update pipeline status through convenient, user-friendly SMS messages. Olono’s proactive sales tools will be on display at Dreamforce 2017, in booth 2035.

Whether leaving a lunch meeting with a prospect or hopping on a flight after a long demo, Olono, your sales sidekick, is one step ahead, knowing what action a sales rep needs to take, often before a rep realizes it; then proactively guiding with intelligent, data-driven hints to move deals forward.

Using Olono mobile, sales reps can now receive alerts through SMS, then quickly respond via text providing a recap of a meeting, documenting important next steps or even adding new contacts to the opportunity. All information about prospects, whether communicated through the mobile app, text or popular conversation tools (available via desktop and mobile), is automatically incorporated into Olono, saved within Salesforce Sales Cloud and analyzed in real-time to generate new actions.

“Being proactive means ensuring the sales team is ready to act, regardless of where they are,” said James Davison, co-founder and chief product officer of Olono. “Sales reps are on the go, and we are right there with them. We know which prospect a rep is meeting with and probable outcomes. So we quickly prompt reps for that information, making it easy to share details in the moment without manual data entry, and then get back to their core priorities of building relationships and trust.”

A SaaS solution, Olono knows extensive details about a prospect. This includes key details spread across email, calendars, help desks, websites and now conversational messaging platforms, as well as hundreds of other apps companies use each day. All information is ingested and analyzed using machine learning. Then Olono automates routine tasks such as creating and updating contacts, while also providing strategic actions and insights, prioritized by what matters most using machine learning.

Olono complements an organization’s existing CRM investments and delivers many benefits to both sales reps and sales managers, including:

  • Automating routine tasks such as creating contacts and defining opportunity roles
  • Prompting reps with real-time recommendations on next actions
  • Offering visibility into pipeline movement, as well as individual leads, opportunities and accounts
  • Providing enterprise-wide search by opportunity, name, rep or any other detail
  • Delivering deep insight into your actual buyer’s journey
  • Boosting confidence in the data that can drive pipeline forecasts

Visit Olono this week at Dreamforce booth 2035 or anytime at www.olono.ai.

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About Olono

Olono (formerly Nexd) is changing the way sales professionals work, with tools sales reps want to use. Combining universal data integration, big data, machine learning and predictive analytics, Olono analyzes every touch point related to the sales process, automating the menial tasks while recommending the actions that improve pipeline velocity and help close deals faster. By empowering sales reps, Olono provides a high level of visibility to sales management that drives better coaching and improved pipeline velocity. Founded in 2016 and based in Austin, Texas, Olono is your trusted sales sidekick. For more information, visit: www.olono.ai.

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