Olleyes VisuALL Virtual Reality Visual Field Testing Shows Promise in Healthy Children

The Olleyes VisuALL could alleviate limitations in testing pediatric patients and make visual field testing more accessible, cost-effective, and convenient for patients and clinicians.


Olleyes is excited to announce the results of a peer-reviewed study evaluating the performance of VisuALL virtual reality (VR) visual field testing in healthy pediatric patients. Led by a team of esteemed researchers at Duke University, this study provides valuable insights into the potential of VR-based perimetry as an alternative to traditional automated methods, while also reinforcing previous studies of similar focus.


Visual field testing is crucial for detecting and monitoring certain eye conditions, even in children. Conventional automated perimetry can be challenging for young patients due to its static nature and device size. The VisuALL system, developed by Olleyes, offers a dynamic and engaging game-based approach to visual field assessment using virtual reality.

Key Findings:

The VisuALL virtual reality field testing was well tolerated by the pediatric study cohort of 97 patients. Older children demonstrated better performance, emphasizing the system’s suitability for various age groups. The authors share that the VisuALL holds promise as an efficient and engaging tool for assessing visual fields in healthy children. Dr. Alvarez-Falcón shares in the conclusion that the “VisuALL could alleviate some of the limitations of conventional perimetric devices, making visual field testing more accessible, cost-effective, and convenient for both patients and clinicians.”

Olleyes CEO Alberto Gonzalez stated, “These findings suggest that VisuALL will revolutionize pediatric visual field testing. Its interactive nature and accurate results make it an exciting addition to an eye care physician’s diagnostic toolkit.” 

Olleyes encourages those interested to explore the VisuALL’s capabilities further through their website or a scheduled demonstration. 

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Melissa Satta
Marketing Coordinator

Note: This press release is based on the peer-reviewed study by Alvarez-Falcón et al., published in the Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (2024). The full study is available upon request.

Source: Olleyes