New Peer-Reviewed Study Shows That Olleyes VisuALL VRP is Comparable to HVF and Offers Valuable Supplement to Standard Automated Perimetry for Pediatric Patients

Study completed at Duke University shows that the VisuALL is suitable substitute for HVF when testing pediatric patients.


While conventional standard automated perimetry (SAP) is the cornerstone in glaucoma management, the conventional white-on-white perimetry can be challenging to pediatric patients. Technological advancements in virtual reality now allow for new approaches in visual field testing. The Olleyes VisuALL VRP is a VR visual field assessment system that permits binocularity while testing the visual fields and allows gamification of the testing paradigm. The purpose of the current study was to compare a game-based VR field (VRF) testing to conventional Humphrey visual field in a pediatric glaucoma population.

At Duke University Medical Center, all children (<21 years old) with known or suspected glaucoma under the care of one clinician (SFF) were enrolled prospectively from January 2022 to November 2022 and underwent a comprehensive eye examination, including intraocular pressure measurement, refraction, and stereo acuity testing. All participants attempted conventional HVF 24-2 SITA Fast protocol (size 3 stimulus), followed by the game-based version of VisuALL VRF 24-2 (size 3 stimulus) with foveal sensitivity.

In this study, it was demonstrated that the VisuALL VRF results are comparable to conventional HVF SAP and was well tolerated in the pediatric glaucoma population. From a clinical decision-making perspective, VRF demonstrated an excellent ability to identify the presence of both any field defect or sectoral field defect. VRF testing provides a suitable substitute for clinical practices without easy access to an HVF device and has the potential for future studies.

“It is great to see how the Olleyes VisuALL VRP can not only benefit adults but is an efficient tool to help ophthalmologists diagnose and manage the less served pediatric glaucoma patients,” shares Olleyes CEO, Dr. Alberto Gonzalez-Garcia. “This new testing paradigm opens up new frontiers in the management of kids with eye and neurologic conditions like brain tumors.” 

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