"Official Jersey Hoodie/Jacket": Combines Favorite Player Jersey With Warm Hooded Jacket

It is an easy way to represent your favorite team or player when wearing this personalized outer clothing that also keeps the wearer warm and comfortable. The Official Jersey Hoodie/Jacket is a line of specially designed hoodie style jackets integrated with sports jerseys that feature the names, numbers, colors, and logos of amateur and professional players and teams. The design intent is to provide sports fans with a more warm and comfortable, yet stylish means of watching outdoor football games when the weather turns cool, without having to cover a jersey with a jacket, or stretch a jersey out when wearing it over a coat.

The Official Jersey Hoodie/Jacket is a hooded sweatshirt-type garment, made of durable cotton materials with a vertical zipper down the center like a windbreaker style jacket. Stitched directly onto the material of the hoodie, the jersey resembles the standard jersey worn by athletes and is fabricated of a light but durable interlock polyester with glossy finish for vivid colors. The Official Jersey Hoodie/Jacket’s has virtually endless design choices for all sporting teams in the National Football League as well as amateur teams such as city, school and church teams for example. The line can encompass other amateur and professional sporting organizations, such as the NBA, MLB, NHL, and college teams. The product line has sizes appropriate for wear by users of any stature, whether men, women, or children. Copyrighted logos and colors of professional sporting organizations include licensing considerations. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Official Jersey Hoodie/Jacket. 
The Official Jersey Hoodie/Jacket is Patent Pending. It was invented by Dion Young of Gretna, LA who said, “This outerwear is an eye-catching and attractive way to celebrate a favorite team while still keeping warm, comfortable and displaying team spirit. Best of all, it eliminates having to pull a jersey on over a jacket and messing up a hair-do. The Official Jersey Hoodie/Jacket works perfectly.”

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