Office Design Experts Weigh in on the Future of the Office in the Post COVID-19 Climate

While the office continues to be an important hub for collaboration post COVID-19, it is critical to get the design of the office workspace right.

Office Vision

According to Office Vision, one of the leading office fitout companies Melbourne wide, redesigning office spaces to suit flexible working styles while enabling culture and strengthening organisational purpose are key considerations that will enable businesses and employees to embrace the office of the future.

Office Vision explains that when it comes to designing an office fitout Melbourne organisations need to find a balance where people, technology and processes can integrate seamlessly. As much as employees will crave the in-person social connections in the office, they have become accustomed to the flexibility and productivity working from home afforded them.

Workspaces that are specifically designed to support the kinds of interactions that cannot happen remotely will encourage collaboration, explains Office Vision. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, when it comes to the best commercial office fitout, Melbourne businesses will benefit from a design featuring an ecosystem of spaces within the office to support different modes of working. More inspiring collaborative spaces and the right technology such as video conferencing capabilities will enable collaboration between workers who are in the office and those who are working remotely. 

Designing an office that has the benefits of working from home with focus zones as well as spaces to relax is crucial in the office of the future, says Office Vision. Focus spaces enable employees to dedicate attention and concentration to tasks and projects independently, maximising office productivity. To achieve this, Office Vision recommends incorporating acoustically tailored cubes or pods which allows workers respite from the hustle and bustle of the office. Retractable privacy screens can also help workers focus when they need to. 

Office Vision says incorporating some of the home comforts workers have become accustomed to such as comfortable spaces to relax in with groups of sofas and coffee tables will help to provide a better office experience in the post COVID-19 environment, encouraging socialisation and team culture.

Offering premium solutions for a commercial fitout Melbourne wide, Office Vision works closely with clients to design the perfect office space, tailored to the unique needs of a business. To learn more, contact Office Vision.

Source: Office Vision