"Odor Be Gone": Unpleasant and Embarrassing Smells Flee

​Bathrooms have a capacity for unpleasant odors simply because of their function. Exhaust fans and sprays may work removing the smells but do so slowly. The Odor Be Gone equips a toilet seat with an electrically powered air-purifying system designed to pull malodorous, bacteria-laden air from within and around the toilet bowl, through a vented “U” shaped pipe into a vacuum hose, and out through a wall or attic to the exterior of the home or building. Odor Be Gone functions discreetly and effectively and quickly eliminates unpleasant and embarrassing odors in bathrooms at the source.

The Odor Be Gone kit includes all fittings, fasteners and instructions for installation and use. Odor Be Gone is described as follows: semicircular or U-shaped section of PVC pipe is mounted securely to the underside of the toilet seat. The inner sides of this pipe are perforated with a series of holes that act to suction air from within the toilet bowl. This air is drawn through the holes into the pipe and conducted to a T-joint at the rear of the toilet seat where a flexible vacuum-hose pulls the air outward, through the bathroom wall, and upward into the attic where it is vented to the exterior. The exhaust system has a small, electrically powered vacuum pump to draw the malodorous air out from the bowl. The pump is (in most cases) installed in the attic with the switch for the pump either wired into the bathroom’s exhaust-fan switch, placed on a wall near the toilet or pressure-activated. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Odor Be Gone.
The Patent Pending Odor Be Gone was invented by Milton Esquivel and Marlene Esquivel of Chino, CA who said, “This kit works so well because it goes straight to the source of the problem—the toilet bowl itself. Odors do not linger and are banished from the bathroom almost immediately.”

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