Odin Embraces Clean Green Certification, Marijuana's Alternative to USDA Organic

Oregon-based cannabis products available in Oregon under Clean Green Certification

ODIN ENTERPRISES is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Odin Distillations, has officially released WHO? branded CO2 oil under the Clean Green Certification in the state of Oregon. For years the USDA Organic seal of approval has been the benchmark for environmentally conscious consumers concerned about their health. While fruit and vegetable producers can use this seal to assure consumers of their well being, cannabis producers can not list their products as Organic due to federal restrictions on marijuana. Enter the Clean Green Certification program which requires growers and producers to meet rigid compliance guidelines that is some cases, go even further than the Federal program.

"We certainly did not select the Clean Green Certification because we thought it would be easy,” notes Odin CEO Paul T. Amsbury, “We chose Clean Green because it is the right thing to do.” CO2 oil was released under the WHO? brand, strains include sour diesel, mango diesel and stardawg which can be found throughout the state of Oregon. Amsbury continues, “Odin was built on a foundation of excellence and we feel that Clean Green Certification is a clear mark of that excellence.”

Brand ambassador Michelle Lindars is encouraged by the certification, “We are extremely fortunate to be working with groups like Frontier Farms and Alter Farms and we are looking forward to working with other Clean Green partners in the near future.” Odin Distillations will continue to release Clean Green Certified products under the Who?, Odin and Freya brands as this very rare and sought after certified CO2 oil becomes available. 

About Odin Enterprises: Odin is an Oregon-based holding company with cannabis-related investments in Oregon and Washington. Odin’s brand portfolio includes Freya, Odin, and Who?. Through Odin Enterprises' subsidiaries, Odin is poised to provide quality cannabis products in several states, including Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Nevada. Founded in September 2015, Odin’s mission is to produce the highest quality, all-natural cannabis products in every state where cannabis is legal. 


Michelle Lindars, Odin Enterprises



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Odin is an Oregon-based holding company with cannabis-related investments in Oregon and Washington. Odin's brand portfolio includes Freya, Odin, Who? and Pluto.