oddWires Showcases Open IoT-Bus Range Based on the Espressif ESP32 Micro-Controller at the 2017 IoT Tech Expo Santa Clara, California

Company to demonstrate open IoT-Bus boards for rapid, low-cost IoT enablement with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, CAN bus, GSM, GPRS and LoRa.

oddWires IoT-Bus

oddWires, “enabling an open Internet of Things” announced rapid, low-cost IoT enablement through its range of Espressif ESP32 (240Mhz, 32-bit, 4MB) based boards with the open oddWires IoT-Bus.

Located at booth # 255, oddWires will be discussing and demonstrating its initial range of IoT building blocks. Three main-board form-factors are offered including one that is very small and breadboard-friendly, an Arduino Uno compatible with both 3.3V and 5V support, and a larger prototyping board for customization. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, GPRS, Lo-Ra, Ethernet and CAN bus. The first controller boards drive relays and motors.

"Adoption of the Internet of Things needs to be faster. It also needs to be easier to develop, and much cheaper to deploy with a wide choice of communication channels," said Ian Archbell, CEO of oddWires. "IoT to date has seen companies introducing competing proprietary solutions and then seeking to influence their adoption by others. Instead, we need an open platform where everyone can contribute and connectivity is a matter of choosing the appropriate solution for the problem. oddWires' simple, open IoT-Bus provides plug and play between processors, connectivity, control and sensors. This makes it fast and easy to develop and deploy for the Internet of Things."

oddWires has adopted the Espressif ESP32 micro-controller as the base of their IoT building blocks with the goal of making any device IoT enabled for a couple of dollars. “Espressif has delivered what we think is a major leap forward in making IoT implementation fast and low-cost,” said Ian Archbell.

The ESP32 architecture is supported by GCC and developers can use the ESP-IDF (Espressif IoT Development Framework), based on open FreeRTOS and open lwIP (lightweight IP) stack for professional development. In addition, the Arduino IDE and libraries are supported to provide a higher-level interface for educational or hobbyist use.

For product demonstrations and more information on oddWires' rapid, low-cost IoT enablement, visit booth # 255 at Santa Clara Convention Center on Nov. 29 or 30, 2017. Find out more at oddWires on LinkedIn and follow @oddWires on Twitter.

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