"Octopus Carrier": Just Grab This Handy Storage Holder and Go!

​When you are traveling in a vehicle on a vacation, or any sort of trip, it is easy for your belongings to get scattered everywhere. The Octopus Carrier will fit in your passenger seat, and have the ability to hold everything you need. It is a collapsible storage and organizer bag made to lay flat on the passenger seat during travel. It will feature cup holders, mesh pockets, ample storage, and fold up sides that form an easy to carry duffle bag. The design is meant to provide a secure means of storing personal items when traveling, and then easily transporting them together in one trip. This will eliminate the hassle of dropped items, or multiple trips to your car. 

The Octopus Carrier will be made from heavy duty nylon or something comparable. It will feature a framework of thin rope around the perimeter and sides to allow the Octopus Carrier to stand open and upright. When it is in the flattened position, you just load items into the carrier, wallets, cell phones, purses, food and drinks are just a few of the items you could carry. When you arrive at your destination, you will simply lift the handles on both sides, and it is ready to be carried with everything inside. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Octopus Carrier.

The Patent Pending Octopus Carrier was invented by Rob Darrow of Montgomery, IL who said, “I thought of this out of personal need. I was trying to carry all my belongings into my house from my car in the snow, and dropped them on the way. That is when I came up with this handy idea.”

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