Occupy the Internet Grows to Over 230,000!

For those of you who assumed the “Occupy The Internet” movement was long dead, Commhubb.com wishes to inform you that it is, indeed, alive and well. The online start-up, soon-to-be internet service provider, has exploded to over 230,000 members in just 70 days of operation. It’s Founder provided some insight as to why. It seems they developed an “incentivized cause” to combat apathy.

“The Internet has opened the world to people and they all have something to say!” says Vashek Mohr, Founder and General Manager of Commhubb Inc. “People want action. They want accountability. They want change. But people also want an incentive to make change happen.  We offer the incentive. We are the venue for that change. We are here to make it all happen.”

Occupy the Internet

V M Mohr , Senior Manager

Commhubb began operations in May of this year. Their intent is to Occupy the Internet and then to own and control it through a system of worldwide ISP’s that the members will actually own and operate. All this being done with no cost or obligation to members.

“The Internet has now become an intrinsic part of our lives. It has evolved into a complex system containing virtually everything about humanity.” explained Mohr. “It is for that reason the Internet must remain free and autonomous. The only guaranteed way to accomplish this is by putting the Internet under peoples ownership and control.”

Commhubb offers incentives such as money, stock ownership, and profit sharing for simply referring others. They also claim their program is completely free because they use advertiser revenues to pay for everything. An IPO is slated for later on down the road. That will cover the cost of the Internet Service Provider according to Mohr.

“People mistrust the word “free” for some reason.” continued Mohr. “But that’s exactly what we are! And we will succeed using simple common sense. We believe that people, in large groups, can make changes happen. It’s just that simple. If people get together - we will all win!”

An “incentivized cause” to Occupy the Internet? You can see for yourself at the company website http://www.commhubb.com.  

Source: Commhubb Inc.


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