Free Internet Coming to Pakistan!

​​​​Commhubb Incorporated, a Seattle,USA-based company, has announced that it has chosen Pakistan as its first Global Free Internet location. Additionally, Furqan Wasi of Lahore, Pakistan has been chosen as Pakistan Operations Manager and will oversee all facets of CommHubb operations in Pakistan.

“We selected Pakistan because of the enthusiastic response we’ve received there during our pre-launch in May and June.” said Vashek Mohr, Senior Manager and Founder of Commhubb. “And having Wasi living in Lahore made the choice even easier. He’s been working with us for about 2 years now on various projects.”

 After only 60 days of operation, Commhubb membership is already over 230,000 and continues to grow at a very rapid pace. You may be wondering who Commhubb is and what they have planned for Pakistan? Their Founder provided some answers.

CommHubb was created with two purposes in mind. The first was to Occupy the Internet and to help people earn some extra money. And the second is to ensure that people, and not greedy and corrupt corporations, will forever own and control the internet.” Mohr explained.

“Our program is just plain common sense. The internet survives and thrives on advertising revenues. People generate those revenues so therefore people have the power to affect change.” Mohr continued. “Just picture millions of Pakistani’s coming together as one! We have the right program and we’ve also made it profitable to participate.”

Commhubb gives it new members 5 free shares of stock and 5 units of profit sharing just for joining. How can this all be free? There must be a catch? If this is free, then who pays for everything? And how are they going to make money?

“Let me explain. We are a social cause as well as a free financial opportunity.” Mohr continued. “Our income comes from showing advertisements on our website. After only one month, and because of the massive response, we are already fully self-sustainable from those advertising revenues. These revenues will be repetitive and continue to grow proportionately and that means we simply don’t need people’s money. The advertisers are paying for everything.”

 But where does the huge amount of money come from to pay millions of dollars for the ISP itself?

“Once we get a few million Pakistani’s together, we will do what is called an Initial Public Offering (an IPO - a stock sale) and begin building and/or acquiring our own free, high speed, Pakistani ISP.”  Mohr explained. “It will be 100% owned and controlled by Pakistani’s and it will be free to use because, once again, advertisers will pay for everything. In fact, those advertisers will also generate profits which means profit sharing distributions for all.”

“We’re hoping that Pakistani’s will take advantage of our free program and tell everyone about us.” concluded Mohr. “If the people of Pakistan come together then this is a done deal and Pakistan will become the world leader in free internet!”

More information can be found at the programs website located at


Vashek Mohr
Senior Manager
CommHubb Inc.

Source: Commhubb Inc.

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