Occupy the Internet? 130,000 in 30 Days!

​​The “Occupy the Internet” movement has been brought back to life by, of all people, a trio of semi-retired senior activists. The three - all 60+ year old professionals - want to leave their legacy by simply “doing the right thing”. And the right thing is not only getting people from around the world to occupy the internet, but getting the same people to own and control it as well. Their chosen venue to achieve this, Commhubb.com, has soared to over 130,000 member/owners in just its first 30 days of operation.

“We’ve doing something that has never been tried before and it’s getting a fantastic response. We’ve created what we call a self-sustaining financial opportunity/social cause program.” said Vashek Mohr, Senior Manager of Commhubb Inc. “Let me explain. We are a social cause as well as a free financial opportunity. Our only income comes from showing advertisements on our website. After only one month, and because of the huge response, we are already fully self-sustainable from those ad revenues. Not only that but these revenues will be repetitive and continue to grow proportionately.”

“You could say that our program is on steroids. It’s now a continuous cycle. That’s the beauty of it all.” continued Mohr. “Our cause continues to grow from self-sustaining advertising revenues; our members earn extra money, stock, and profit sharing by referring others; and we will eventually capitalize on it by doing a sizable IPO. That will bring us to our next phase which is buying and creating ISP’s. Because it was set up in this innovative way, it’s all free to our members who will eventually also own it all.”  

But what’s the gimmick? We all know that nothing is free. “There’s no catch!” Mohr pointed out. “It’s numbers! The biggest money maker on the Internet is advertising. It will eventually reach trillions of dollars annually. We’re just taking advantage of what is there. If you have lots of people visiting your website, and you monetize that website, your website will generate lots of advertising revenues. Our cause/opportunity is getting an immense response and that in turn generates revenues from the advertising. And it’s working so well we hope to go viral in the near future.”

What about the risks? And what’s the down side? “People could just choose to ignore what’s happening and let the corporations take control – at an enormous risk and cost. I won’t allow that.” concluded Mohr. “We’ve all seen what the rich corporate types have done to our world. Do you really want them controlling and monetizing the internet? Only people can truly maintain the autonomy and the integrity of the Internet. Only people should own and control it.”

Do we heed the cry of 3 aged activists calling attention to a noble cause or do we take a chance and allow the oligarchy to control and monetize the Internet? That’s something to think about. But if you’re into noble social causes, which are also free financial opportunities, then this might just be worth checking out. http://www.commhubb.com



Vashek Mohr

Senior Manager

CommHubb Inc.



Source: Commhubb Inc.


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