Nutritioneering Releases Weekly Meal Planner Template

Easy Meal Planning for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

Weekly Meal Planning Template

Nutritioneering, a fast growing online meal plan service, is announcing the release of a new weekly meal planner template. The interactive spreadsheet allows users to quickly create daily meal plans and is available on Nutritioneering's website (

What is the Weekly Meal Planner Template?

We want our custom meal plans to be as simple as possible for our customers to follow. So we created the weekly meal planning template to make healthy eating easier than ever.

Jeremy Fox, Founder, Nutritioneering

The weekly meal planner template creates meal plans for weight loss or muscle gain diets. It's a downloadable Excel file with built in logic which makes creating meal plans easy.

The tool is used in conjunction with a custom fat loss or muscle gain meal plan provided by Nutritioneering. Each week the user inputs nutrition targets as specified in their plan and the template creates a daily meal plan. In addition, the meal plan is printable on a single page making it easy to take with you or post on the fridge.

How the Weekly Meal Planner Template Works

First, enter the workout time and daily target macros (as specified by the plan) at the top of the sheet.  The template automatically updates the meal times and nutrition targets based on optimal nutrient timing for fat loss and muscle gain.

Then, just select healthy food options from dropdown menus and enter the quantity. Finally, the actual macronutrient and calories for each meal are updated in real time, making it easy to create meals that hit the nutrition targets.

Get the Weekly Meal Planner Template

The weekly meal planner template is available with purchase of a fat loss or muscle gain meal plan from Nutritioneering. To learn more about the weekly meal planning template or to purchase a plan, go to

Source: Nutritioneering

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