Growth Hacking Launches Nutritioneering From Startup to Success in One Year

Growth Hacking

Nutritioneering applied growth hacking to explode their business in 2018. The custom bodybuilding meal plan service launched Sept. 1, 2017. Since then, they've sold over 300 meal plans and grown to 8,000 users per month and rising (

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a strategic use of low-cost alternatives to traditional marketing. Above all, it focuses on creating rapid growth for startups with limited budgets.

Growth hacking techniques include search engine optimization, content marketing and targeted advertising. These techniques replace traditional media like television, radio and newspaper. Furthermore, marketers scrutinize web analytics to engineer sustainable growth, resulting in smarter decisions and more efficient business development. In other words, growth hacking is part digital marketing, part engineering.

Perhaps not coincidentally, founder Jeremy Fox has more than 10 years of process engineering experience, not to mention a close connection to his customers as a bodybuilder and coach. As a result, he is well-equipped to grow this business.

"Customer focus has been paramount to growing the business," says Fox. "We're able to measure users' responses to products and marketing in real time, then instantly adapt to meet their needs."

The same scientific method has been applied to the meal plan service. Using a systematic approach to nutrition based on actual studies not "bro science." On the website, customers enter information about their goals, body type and lifestyle, then receive a personalized plan for weight loss or muscle gain.

A great product combined with agile marketing results in explosive growth. To learn more about Nutritioneering and their products, go to

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