"Nurse Away": An Adjustable, Wearable, Washable Nursing Covering

Invents introduces "Nurse Away" which allows easy feeding of infant when not in the privacy of one's own home.

​When wearing this cape, new mothers will be comfortable and not reluctant to nurse their child in public locations. The Nurse Away is an adjustable, wearable, washable nursing covering comprised of micro-fiber, terrycloth or cotton materials and has a handy pocket to house wet wipes. It provides nursing mothers with the necessary privacy to nurse their baby when not in the nursery or one's own home. It is an effective coverup that is easy and quick to apply and ensures a secure fit.

Nurse Away is portable and simple to tuck into a handbag, backpack or diaper bag when not in use. It slips over the shoulder with the flap covering the breast(s) and the baby's head. A convenient integrated pocket stores wipes and is easy to reach when needed. The soft materials are configured in a sling type shaped nursing cape and has snap fasteners to secure the unit. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Nurse Away.

The Patent Pending Nurse Away was invented by Lillie Winn of Houston, TX who said, “Any nursing Mom will quickly see the benefits of Nurse Away. It is simple to use, easy to launder, and serves the purpose of nursing a baby in a public area without worry or concern of the covering falling off. It serves the purpose so completely that once used no nursing mother will never again be without it. It also makes a great baby shower gift.”

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