Numero 28 East Village Opens Early for the FIFA World Cup Final!

This Sunday (July 15) Numero 28 East Village opens at 10:30 A.M. for the grand finale of the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Numero 28 East Village

It’s been a sizzling month full of a great deal of excitement, tears, and joy, fanfare and hub-hub. In the build-up ahead of Sunday’s final, Numero 28 is super exhilarated to announce that the East Village New York location will swing its doors open early enough and party to snag a sweet spot where everyone can catch all of the minute-by-minute action live.

Thanks to their Italian heritage, soccer runs in their bloodstream, and it’s a pleasure to have people join them. It doesn’t matter if solo or a group, drop by, grab a drink, and they'll get a taste of authentic Italian dishes.

Why Will Everyone Love Watching the World Cup Final at Numero 28 East Village, NY?

There are plenty of fantastic reasons why Numero 28 is the go-to sports bar and Ristorante in the whole of East Village.

Pizza made for Greatness

If people haven’t tasted this pizza, they probably don’t know pizza. And they strive every day to live to the hype. Numero 28 specializes in flavorful, authentic Neapolitan pizza, especially baked hot and fast in a brick oven to whip up a not-too-thin, not-too-thick smoky, chewy crust that will simply knock their socks off. But that isn’t all to their incredible pizzas. They use a recipe that has been handed down through 5-gens of Italian master pizza makers. That’s how they know they are getting a bang for their bucks!

World Cup Final is a great event that deserves excellent pizza, which they’ll not get anywhere else but Numero 28.

Food and Drinks

No World Cup Final event is complete without tasty food and drinks. Lucky for them, that’s where they bring their A-game. Numero 28 has an Italian menu with every dish everyone can imagine, from fritti to pasta to insalate and every Italian dish in-between. They don’t joke around when it comes to authenticity; all of their foods are made using original Italian recipes and certified ingredients.

The Right Atmosphere

Bar & Ristorante was designed for fun, relaxation, and entertainment. As soon as people walk in, they will notice that the ambiance is just right for watching a soccer match. At Numero 28, everyone is like family.

There’s no better place to watch World Cup Final 2018 Russia than Numero 28 East Village.

Giovanbattista Cimmino for Zapphyre LLC

Source: Numero 28 East Village


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