NthDS Partners With Oil Information Library of Fort Worth to Digitize Well Logs

AI will Digitize Raster Images on Demand at Unprecedented Speeds


NthDS, the leading AI company in oil and gas data extraction, announced today that it has been selected to partner with the Oil Information Library of Fort Worth (OIL-FW) to digitize analog well logs on demand. 

The partnership will make it faster and easier than ever before for OIL-FW members to extract valuable data from analog raster images.

"We're excited to partner with the Oil Information Library of Fort Worth and support their mission to transform important geological data into digital assets," said NthDS CEO Michael Ramirez. "OIL-FW has a proud history of providing access to valuable subsurface data for their members. By adopting Nspect, our AI digitizing solution, OIL-FW will expand its bandwidth to support a major increase in digitizing requests.

"We have a great relationship with their team, and we look forward to advancing their tech offerings to better serve all the library's members," he added.

Nspect is the world's first software to use artificial intelligence to digitize well logs exponentially faster than any legacy software. It will give OIL-FW members the option to digitize the data from any library asset or proprietary well log and extract potentially valuable insights and information.

"We are very pleased to partner with NthDS," said OIL-FW President Collin Moore. "Nspect's AI digitization is a major step forward in making the library's assets more accessible to our membership. OIL-FW's partnership with NthDS will permit further unlocking of the unique dataset housed within our collection for the benefit of our members, as well as convert our members' own proprietary hard data into digital formats."

About NthDS
NthDS is an artificial intelligence company that specializes in solving complex computer vision problems. Nspect, the company's breakthrough product, dramatically reduces the labor, costs, and errors associated with the manual data entry of oil and gas records such as well logs. Since founders Michael Ramirez and Johnathan Green launched in 2017, NthDS has won multiple Innovation Awards and has been listed as a top AI company by multiple publications. To get started on your company's path to AI adoption, please visit NthDS.com.

About OIL-FW
The Oil Information Library of Fort Worth (OIL-FW) was founded in 1985 to encourage, foster, and promote scientific research in the fields of geological science and engineering. The Library is founded on extensive collections of scout cards, electric logs, and driller's logs, as well as texts, treatises, field guides, and periodicals, many of which have been buried as data sources merged and publications went digital. Today, the Library is a first source for geological research and an ultimate source for running down hard-to-find, old completion or wellbore information for your prospect.   

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