Now Video Gamers to Make Money: TaggUS Leads the Way

A focused entrepreneur begins by asking himself or herself what business they want to be in and what value additions he or she wishes to do in the lives of their users. Zapbuild is helping one such entrepreneur, Timothy Edinger, who has invested his expertise in marketing and management in starting a gaming company TAGG.US that hosts tournaments and matches and awards cash prizes to the winners.

Timothy shared his inspiration behind this venture and how he named it TAGG - "TAGG's name stemmed originally from us living in a social media world and everyone is tagging everyone's pictures and trying to become influencers and such. We created a slogan TAGG YOU'RE IT! While we are still looking for ways to use this slogan, some of the creative thoughts behind are our ability to TAGG users in the social media realm and drive them to our site. Once at our site, they can TAGG their friends, back and forth creating that culture we are already living in."

Timothy Edinger elaborated how the idea took about three years to get it to where it is now. It all started when he was talking to Dwayne Jones, a friend and partner at TAGG, about how to create a business. They both had a very similar background and so they discussed some ideas and kept coming back to this idea of how they can help video gamers make money.

"I remember my mother telling me I should go outside and get some fresh air and play a real sport, instead of playing video games. I also remember watching a YouTube video where a dad on a lawnmower runs over a kid's video game collection and the kid is upset about it. These two things are what lead me to the next leg. Our idea was gamers should get paid to play video games. We had extensive discussions and chats about this idea of gaming tournaments online, Comicon, and how only the elite players were able to play video games to earn an income - like how American sports are today. We wanted to change this thought. We felt like anyone should be able to do this. Cody and I started going to business meetings offered in the state of Colorado. This led to brainstorming documentation being created and actions started to happen."

TAGG is presently testing the proof of concept. Timothy feels that its USP is the incredible user experience and he accredits his technical partner Zapbuild for that. "Zapbuild's technical expertise and insights in building this platform have been great! Their analysts are wonderful at managing the business aspect and communicating with me. Their technical experts are all working so hard to bring this project to life and for that, I say Thank you! Zapbuild team makes accommodations, communicate the spiritual event and so because of that this process has been extremely great!"

Timothy reiterated that TAGG will continue to work with Zapbuild, and have plans in motion to bring some exciting features to the platform. "We have been able to clearly communicate our idea back and forth to our technical partner. Our future plan includes developing Tournaments, In-Game Items on the website which can be bought, sold and traded, developing Bounty Boards and Carrying Service."

Additionally, Mobile App Development and Virtual Reality experience are their priority next. "Our focus is going to be about creating that hang-out spot where people want to TAGG up. Think Dave and Buster but for video gamers online."

For more information visit TAGG.US or write an email to

Source: Zapbuild