DayPlay to Transform Job-Finding in Film & TV Industry - With Zapbuild

How DayPlay Transforms Job-Finding in the Film & TV Industry

DayPlay, a company helping people find work or find someone to work in the Film and TV industry, launched its new website and mobile app with Zapbuild to reach more job seekers and create value for them.

The film business that produces television and motion pictures for the entire world is made up of, primarily, freelance workers. With over 2 million women and men working in the film industry worldwide, and over 100,000 right in Los Angeles where DayPlay calls home - the challenge has always been connecting those freelance workers with each other to satisfy the staffing needs of each individual production, which number in the thousands.

Tim Salmon and Jeff Humphreys, the founders of DayPlay, had an idea - create a calendar-based app and website, for individual workers, who could then sign up and set their respective crafts, region, and their exact availability.

Describing the platform, Jeff said, "DayPlay is a website and iOS and Android app designed to help people find work. Unlike a job listing board, DayPlay allows you to show in real-time your personal availability calendar to others, in specific film crafts and sub-crafts, as well as listing the region you live in."

On finding the right technology partner, Tim, recalling the initial Zapbuild meeting, said, "We had personally interviewed 20 different companies before we visited Zapbuild. I will never forget sitting down in their conference room, asking them for their ideas and if our goals could be accomplished. And then, walking out of the building, Jeff and I both agreed we had found our partners." Tim continued, "And we were right. Zapbuild has been invaluable to the success of DayPlay. We continue, two years later, to work with Zapbuild. A partnership that will endure for many years to come."

On DayPlay's journey so far and future plans, Tim commented, "We continue to grow today. Word of mouth is our biggest friend. And the more people that join and use DayPlay regularly, the more valuable it is for everyone."

DayPlay platform is helping the film community find work and find others to work. DayPlay members can talk with other members about future projects, experiences working with others, go over a job's pay or equipment rentals, and more. The DayPlay app can let someone list the days of a month they only want to work. In contrast, others can get work from show to show by virtue of people booking them from their availability calendar. Moreover, DayPlay doesn't share any personal information, as the communication is done using DayPlay chat. To discover more, visit

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