Now is the Best Time to Visit HomeEscape's Most Popular Vacation Rental Destinations in Canada

Vacation Rental in Canada

Fall in Canada is breathtakingly beautiful — which makes it a perfect time to visit! Whether you want to see the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, the Rockies, or take in a view of Vancouver, HomeEscape has the best selection of Canada vacation rentals at affordable prices, including Vancouver vacation rentals and Niagara Falls vacation rentals.

Canada is a vast country, so have a clear idea of what you would like to see on your trip. The big landscapes are well-known — less celebrated is the splendor everywhere else. Areas of British Columbia contain desert (around Osoyoos) as well as vineyards and olives. The autumn colors of New Brunswick are equal to the glories of New England. Canada boasts 35 million more hectares of protected wilderness than the rest of the world combined.

Canada is also well known for its cities. Take Toronto, for instance. Featuring classy restaurants and top-notch theatre, opera, museums and art galleries, there is plenty to see and do. The thrusting skyscrapers downtown reflect the city’s status as Canada’s financial hub — but after hours, business people swap suits for shorts and head outdoors. In the winter, they pull on parkas and ice skates. Find a great selection of vacation rentals in Toronto on HomeEscape, where travelers can contact owners directly and reserve a rental without booking fees. 

Vancouver, on the other hand, has been named the “best place to live in the world,” — for its exciting cultural life, a diverse array of restaurants and a cosmopolitan population.

If you want to see the greatest waterfall in the land, and arguably in North America, visit Niagara Falls – you can ‘soak’ in the view from the dry viewing station or get right into the action with a power boat that explores the fall’s basin. After the fun, stay at one of HomeEscape’s spacious vacation rentals to stretch out and relax after a busy day of sightseeing.

If you go to Quebec, make sure to stop by iconic Quebec City. The sound of French pleasantries and tourists’ “oohs;” the smell of fresh-baked bread and pungent cheese; the taste of creamy fresh lattes and butter croissants — you’ll think you’re in France, but no; you’re in Quebec. As the birthplace of New France, Quebec City continues to uphold the culture of its motherland. Upon passing through the fortified walls of Old Quebec, you’ll discover a scene worthy of a European painting: 17th and 18th-century buildings house bakers, bistros, and boutiques, while cobbled squared are drowned by an ocean of café tables.

Montreal is a multifaceted city that represents the best of Old and New Worlds: 18th-century structures blending into a 21st-century skyline. Old-fashioned houses are now home to funky fusion restaurants, and the familiar sound of English can be heard with the rolled “r”s of French. French pastries are sold alongside the sesame seed, Montreal-style bagel.

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