Now Available: Olono Actions™ Automates CRM Data Entry From 70+ Apps and Tools

Just $10/rep/month, Olono Actions helps Sales Ops roll up an accurate pipeline, knowing every deal in a company's CRM reflects true engagement status, in real-time.

Olono Actions

Olono, the leader in sales activity automation, today introduced a quickstart offering, Olono Actions™, providing the easiest path to comprehensive, accurate CRM data. With Olono Actions, B2B sales reps can automate the collection of sales activity from 70+ business apps and tools, giving sales leaders the insight they need to make strategic decisions without requiring time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry.

Today, 60 percent of sales managers don’t trust the data in their CRM—the data that impacts everything from measuring sales rep performance to quarterly forecasting to in-the-moment deal coaching. Acting as a sales rep’s perfect memory, Olono Actions showcases activity cadence by deal and rep, providing managers real-time visibility into which deals are progressing as well as those that are stalled—so they can take action in time to save.

As part of the Olono Sales Activity Automation offering, Olono Actions includes:

  • Action Feed - Automate data entry and activity sync to ensure accurate and comprehensive data you can trust.
  • Account Intelligence - Ensure a complete view of opportunity/account health from multiple data sources, presented in a single screen.
  • Search - Get instant access to all customer-related information, spread across your company.

“For years, the barrier to collecting critical B2B sales data has been too high, requiring reps to spend valuable hours on menial data entry instead of active selling,” said Larry Warnock, president and CEO of Olono. “By applying machine learning and automation, sales reps can get back to selling, sales managers can now make real-time sales decisions, and sales ops leaders can improve overall sales tool and Salesforce adoption.”

Available as a tab in Salesforce, a standalone app or a mobile app, Olono can be deployed in minutes, with simple one-click integrations to email applications, calendars, browser data and other tools used by sales teams. No training is required, meaning sales teams can begin seeing value immediately.

Olono Actions introductory pricing starts at $10/month per user and includes mobile access. For more information visit or contact

About Olono

Olono is Sales Activity Automation. A SaaS-based solution, Olono leverages the sales and marketing application investments organizations have already made, capturing all sales activity and digital exhaust from any source—then automating actions to drive consistent, predictable sales execution. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Olono is trusted by B2B sales reps and management to improve pipeline visibility, increase sales process adoption and reduce rep ramp time. For more information, visit

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