Nova Austral Unveils Sixty South - Pure Antarctic Salmon First Preview Exclusively at Boston Seafood Expo

Sixty South by Nova Austral

​​​​​​​​​​Nova Austral, noted salmon producer located in Region XII in Chile, the isolated Magellan and Antarctic Region, will previews its new brand of premium, sustainably farmed salmon – Sixty South – at the Seafood Expo in Boston this March and in Brussels in April.

The name ‘Sixty South’ pays homage to the farm’s waters of origin – sourced from pure, untouched, icy cold waters from the Antarctic – to raise salmon without anti-biotics or pesticides. It is the first Chilean salmon farmer to offer never treated, ASC-certified salmon year-round. The brand’s extreme south location provides sustainable conditions for raising salmon at the highest standards.

This unique origin creates superior quality and flavor for a salmon that is smooth, rich and silky in texture.

Described by Nova Austral CEO, Nicos Nicolaides, “We are very excited to present a preview of Sixty South – our new brand of premium, sustainable salmon raised in Antarctic waters. In terms of a pristine and pure environment for farming salmon, the Antarctic waters are special. These are the southernmost operative farms in the world and offering continuous supply of never treated salmon, certified ASC.   With Sixty South, we're offering a whole new class of sustainable salmon raised on natures terms. It's a product of exceptional quality that is responsibly raised without antibiotics or pesticides, to provide a distinct flavor and superior source of protein you can feel good about.”

Sixty South is part of the company’s ambitious program to supply salmon from ASC-certified sites year-round.

The company will be showcasing Sixty South for the first time at the Seafood Expo in Boston, Mass., March 19-21 2017. Stop by at Booth 2117 or contact the Nova Austral team to arrange an appointment.

About Nova Austral

Nova Austral is a Chilean salmon farmer and processor, owned by the equity funds Altor and Bain Capital. The company’s entire operations are located in Chile’s Region XII, in the

Magellan and Antarctic Region, over 2,500 km from Santiago, the country’s capital city. Nova Austral salmon enjoy the best environmental and biological conditions – their farms have no sea lice, no pesticide and no antibiotic use. It is one of few salmon companies in Chile projected to increase its production over the coming years and to continue its history of sustainable development, and has a local, world-class processing plant with 40K ton capacity in Tierra del Fuego island. Nova Austral, committed to the people of Magallanes and the Antarctic region, employs over 10% of the local workforce, is developing technical training programs and an ambitious housing program for the inhabitants of Porvenir.



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About Nova Austral

Nova Austral is a Chilean salmon farmer and processor, owned by the private equity companies Altor Fund III and Bain Capital. The company's entire operations are located in Chile's Region XII, in the Magallanes and Antarctic Region.