#NotMe Joins Together With the Eddie Adams Workshop to Prevent Incidents of Harassment at This Year's Photography Event

The EAW Shows Commitment to Providing a Safe Environment for all Workshop Participants with the Implementation of #NotMe Technology

#NotMe, the world’s first app to offer a truly transparent, safe, and simple way to report misconduct, announces the Eddie Adams Workshop will be among the first organizations to implement the transformative technology at its 31st annual photo-journalism seminar on October 5 thru October 8, 2018, in Jeffersonville, New York. 

The Eddie Adams Workshop is a tuition-free photojournalism seminar that selects one hundred applicants on the merit of their pictures and teams them up with top professional photographers and editors. This year, the EAW has partnered with #NotMe to not only prevent incidents of sexual harassment, racism, bullying, and other misconduct between its faculty, staff, and students, but also to encourage attendees to immediately report misconduct should they experience or witness it. 

“I developed #NotMe because I believe professional American culture is in need of a major paradigm shift,” says Ariel Weindling, award-winning and international employment lawyer and founder of #NotMe. “One of the great things about the #NotMe app is that it can be customized for any company or industry or event. We worked closely with the EAW to customize the app to meet their specific needs.”

The Eddie Adams Workshop is committed to ensuring a safe, respectful, and more productive workshop environment and is confident the #NotMe app will help do just that.

“The Eddie Adams Workshop has worked closely with alumni, faculty, staff, board members, anti-harassment experts and legal counsel to strategize meaningful and positive changes to better reflect our unwavering commitment to a dynamic, inspiring and safe environment for all participants. We’re thrilled to announce one such initiative,” says Alyssa Adams, chairwoman of the board for the Eddie Adams Workshop.

“Beginning this year, the Eddie Adams Workshop will be one of the first partners of #NotMe, the pioneering app revolutionizing how professional misconduct is reported and reviewed at events like ours and in workplaces across the country,” says Adams. “Every guest at the Workshop will receive instructions for download and use. We also look forward to introducing the technology at the Workshop to all our media partners who similarly seek to ensure the safety of their employees.”

In empowering individuals to report cases of misconduct to a third party in as little as two minutes, #NotMe is setting a new standard for heightened safety, misconduct prevention, and accountability both within seminars such as the Eddie Adams Workshop and in other corporate settings.

The alliance between #NotMe and the Eddie Adams Workshop signals the start of a new era in professional culture, one where individuals are fortunate enough to say #NotMe, instead of #MeToo.


About #NotMe

#MeToo sparked a movement, and now, #NotMe is igniting change. Introducing a truly transformative industry technology, #NotMe is giving way to an entirely new era of company culture. This cloud-based and mobile solution empowers both employees and employers, as well as mentors and mentees, to simply, discreetly and rapidly take action against harassment, discrimination, and bullying in the workplace. In bridging the gap between management and employees, #NotMe offers a streamlined, high-tech system that makes having difficult conversations about misconduct easier, while also encouraging greater accountability and swifter action in the workplace. 

To learn more or download #NotMe now, visit https://not-me.com  

About the Eddie Adams Workshop

The Eddie Adams Workshop is the only tuition-free photojournalism seminar of its kind. Applicants at the start of their career submit portfolios for consideration. One hundred participants selected solely on the merit of their pictures team up with top professional photographers and editors for a four-day gathering that includes assignments, portfolio reviews, panel discussions and presentations. The Workshop began in 1988 with the goal to redress the exclusivity of professional opportunities by accepting students based on their demonstrated skills, and not on their ability to pay tuition. The all-volunteer faculty and staff, many of whom are alumni, are passionate about the mission and donate their time and expertise. The Workshop, with chief support from Nikon, has an unparalleled history of nurturing talent, exchanging ideas and building relationships. 

For more information, please visit: http://www.eddieadamsworkshop.com

Source: #NotMe


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