#NotMe is the New Reporting App Poised to End Workplace Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying Through Greater Accountability

#NotMe Introduces the First Reporting Technology to Truly Align With #MeToo

#MeToo sparked a movement and today, #NotMe launches a new technology that will ignite a dramatic change within modern workplace culture. #NotMe introduces the first reporting app to offer a truly transparent, safe and simple way to report workplace harassment, discrimination and bullying … in under two minutes. By removing anonymity and fear of retaliation from its platform, #NotMe differentiates itself by taking aim at the larger picture: forging a better work culture where misconduct is taken more seriously and, thus, is less likely to occur.

For the first time, a reporting technology requires accountability from all parties involved. With the #NotMe app, companies and employees enter into a mutual agreement that empowers (and encourages) individuals to discreetly and without fear of retaliation report improper behavior in a way that results in swift, accurate and appropriate action to correct the issue.

"I have been involved in many cases of workplace harassment, watching the cycle of misconduct repeat itself over and over again without any real solution,” says Ariel Weindling, award-winning and international employment lawyer and founder of #NotMe. “I developed #NotMe because I believe America’s work culture is in need of a major paradigm shift. In order to achieve that shift, companies and employees are going to need to work together to take better action to both address and prevent incidents of harassment, discrimination and bullying. When we see incidents of #MeToo decline, it’s a win-win for everyone involved."

#NotMe is not only an app, but also an independent third-party entity (employees can now report directly to #NotMe instead of calling their employer’s hotline or go to HR) that enables and encourages employees to discreetly report their grievances in their own time and on their own terms, remotely and digitally, bridging the gap between management and employee.  In minutes, the intuitive interface allows individuals to enter the time, place, person and details of the incident with the option to immediately report or log the information in the #NotMe journal for a later date. And, should retaliation become an issue, the app encourages the reporting of that as well. 

“#NotMe is superior to a hotline, an in-person meeting or drafting a message to HR from scratch,” says Elena Paraskevas-Thadini, head of EPT Legal in New York City and a specialist in workplace training, internal investigations, executive coaching and mediation of workplace disputes. “A person in an uncomfortable situation in the office often doesn't know where to start or what to say. #NotMe takes a complainant through the process in a non-judgmental way, so all the details can be taken down and investigated. It has streamlined the intake process and is a powerful and efficient reporting tool.”

In the past, employees were required to speak directly to their HR department. Because of the gravity of these situations, many employees felt embarrassed or intimidated by the prospect of sharing their experience with a total stranger for hours and, sometimes, days on end. Now, both English and non-English speaking employees can privately and comfortably report their experience using their mobile device and know action will be taken immediately.

“#NotMe is simply the best app on the market today to report workplace misconduct,” says Robert F. Millman, senior shareholder of Littler Mendelson P.C., the world’s leading law firm in management labor and employment work. “It is transformative and groundbreaking. What used to take hours now takes but two minutes. What the dashboard #NotMe offers employers is phenomenal and will provide fantastic help to HR leaders and their teams to efficiently and swiftly address instances of misconduct in their workplaces.”

Culling years of experience in both litigation and training of workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination, the professionals behind #NotMe are aiming to put a stop to inappropriate workplace behavior for good. The intention is simple — prevent misconduct, encourage accountability and give victims a voice all while nurturing a more tolerant and respectful modern workplace. 

To learn more and to download the #NotMe app now, please visit www.not-me.com.

Source: #NotMe


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