Noted Peace Maker, Dr. K.A. Paul, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Will Both Face Serious Questions During President Trump's Meeting With the Indian PM Next Week in Washington DC

Christian leaders ask why "World's most popular evangelist" supported Modi; they say that India's PM has controversial views of Christians.

Rev. Rob Rotola, National Director of the new 300+ church coalition “Save America, Save the World” says “The world’s most popular (Christian) evangelist” as he’s known, Dr. K.A. Paul, along with Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, will both face tough questions during President Trump’s meeting with the Indian PM on Monday, June 26th in Washington D.C.; Paul for his support of Modi in the last elections, and Modi for what critics call a lack of action regarding Christians being persecuted in India under his watch, their churches burnt, homes destroyed and many increasingly martyred for their faith.”

Rotola says little covered in the U.S. media is that over the first three years of Modi’s rule since the election victory of the now ruling BJP Party, Christians persecution in India has included the burning of many churches and the murder of many Christians. The U.K. Guardian reports that in the state of Orissa alone, 60 churches have been burned, three thousand homes have been destroyed, and five thousand Christians are hiding in local forests for fear of their lives. Meanwhile, PM Modi has remained silent on the issue, despite desperate pleas for him to stop the all-out attack on non-Hindus, particularly the Christian and Muslim minorities.

PM Modi’s party Chief and RSS Leader Bhagwat himself admitted that Indian Muslims comprise 20 percent of the Indian population and Christians in many Indian states number 30 percent to 50 percent. “Yet under PM Modi’s sectarian leadership,” Rotola states, “Non-Hindu’s are urged, or in many cases forced to become Hindu again or Indian ‘Christians can go to America, and Muslims to Pakistan.’” reported “…the violence has begun to spread with Hindu radicals enjoying near complete impunity for their actions.” “They are wolves in sheep’s clothing,” Jeff King, president of the International Christian Concern, told “There has been an increase in attacks because these nationalists feel emboldened with [Prime Minister] Modi in power.”

Rotola says he’s not alone in calling for an end to Christian persecution in India. The world’s largest evangelical denomination, Southern Baptist President, Ronny Floyd who traveled with Dr. Paul to India in 1997, reportedly personally quizzed Dr. K.A. Paul as to why he supported Modi, given his hardline background and the growing persecution of Muslims and Christians in India.

“Other top Christian leaders in America, such as Christian Broadcasting Network president, Pat Robertson (who’s reported extensively on Christian persecution under PM Modi); Jerry Falwell, Jr. of Liberty University; Television evangelist James Robison; ORU President Mark Rutland and many more, all have ministry interests in India,” says Rotola “and each is very close to President Trump today — many serve as personal advisors. It would not take much to create a united front to demand an end to this growing persecution and sectarian violence, and that’s what we intend to do,” he said.

Headlining the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Newsletter this month, Franklin Graham proclaimed, “We Must Wake Up and Pay Attention to the Persecution of Christians.”

“To give just one example of just how empowered religious zealots have become in India” Rotola said, “on June 14, 2017 in Modi’s home state of Gujarat, the government-run school curriculum printed 9th Grade textbooks with language calling Jesus “a devil,” and this just weeks ahead of his planned meeting with professing Christian, U.S. President Trump, on June 25 in Washington DC.”

Rotola continues, “It stands to reason then that Modi is no friend of largely Christian America where nearly 90% still identify with the Christian faith, so we strongly encourage President Trump to make this a front and center issue when the PM visits Washington D.C. next week.”

Much like the deadly, centuries-long Suni and Shia Muslim religious conflict that has killed untold numbers of people, Rotola insists, there is legitimate cause for concern that Modi’s increasingly radical Hindu India is headed in the same genocidal direction. 

It’s well-known that Modi was a former RSS Hindu preacher before becoming Prime Minister, and he has never publically disavowed the exclusivist worldview of the RSS sect with respect to Christians in particular and minorities in general.

It’s noteworthy that Modi received approximately 30 percent of the Indian vote during the last national election, in part because many Christians and Muslims supported him at the time. But in the next election cycle if Christians, Muslims and other minitories work with the more moderate secular Hindus of India which comprise some 80% of all Indian Hindus, the rule of Narendra Modi and his party would end.  

“So, again,” Rotola says, “U.S. Christian leaders are asking the right question of K.A. Paul, who the New Republic Magazine cover called “the world’s most popular evangelist”, the NY Times “one of the next Billy Graham’s”: “Why did you initially support the Modi government with your powerful swing vote?”

The elections are due to occur between November 2018 and April 2019. “Of equal importance, says Rotola, “Christians and Muslims should support the more secular front, unity government to rule the land of Gandhi for peace and prosperity in the world’s largest democracy and strategic ally to the West. In so doing they will literally save India and its international role as a nation of peace, friend of the West and most countries of the world. India is the only country known for its friendship with just about every country in the world, with the exception of neighboring Pakistan,” says Rotola.

Rotola concludes, “Modi should be opposed by President Trump and his supporters during his next visit to America and on any future visit.”

Rev. Rob Rotola intends to publically confront Modi publically in a press conference in front of the White House at 10:00 a.m. on the 26th of June during the Indian PM’s visit with President Trump.  

Rev. Rob Rotola
National Director                                       
Save America, Save the World (316) 644-3070

Source: Save America, Save the World