Notable Beverly Hills Real Estate Broker and Investment Advisor Alex Radosevic Attends F-50 Global Capital Summit in Heart of Silicon Valley

Radosevic Seen Caucusing With Silicon Valley Heavy Hitters at Event Showcasing Hottest New Tech Startups at Stanford, in Heart of Global Technology Hub

Alex Radosevic - Real Estate Expert and Adviser

​​​​​The term "Show Me The Money" became part of the nation’s lexicon after it was coined in a blockbuster movie in which actor Tom Cruise played a well-known California-based talent agent. "Follow Alex Radosevic" is what many savvy investors do when looking for unique high-yield investment opportunities that are usually available only to a select few. For clients of Canon Properties and its Beverly Hills-based celebrity founder Alex Radosevic, that often means hidden off-market real estate gems that invariably generate returns that are the envy of those stuck on the sidelines.

Thus it is no surprise that heads turned when Radosevic appeared on the Stanford University campus in Silicon Valley to attend a financial and investment global summit catering to a limited number of elite investment professionals such as Radosevic. Well-known among the rich and famous as one of a small handful of investment pros who’s golden touch almost always provides substantial returns, Radosevic has a network of "in-the-know" contacts in Silicon Valley that he often leverages to the advantage of his well-heeled clients.

“They expect me to present opportunities that are generally unknown or unavailable to others,” Radosevic says when speaking about his coveted group of clients. “One advantage of this particular Silicon Valley event is that it allows selected individuals to have an inside look at what may well be the next group of disruptive, highly valuable technology-driven businesses that are about to take off beyond anyone’s imagination,” he added.

Often led by technology professionals that have already proven themselves with previous blockbuster startups, prospective investors bank on the fact that the companies may well be on the same path as previous startups by the name of Google, Facebook, Uber and another one named after a piece of fruit that makes iPhones, Macs and other notable products, all of which germinated in Silicon Valley.

“Don’t tell any of my friends over at Apple that,” Radosevic told a reporter. “I think some may feel like the fruit was named after the tech company, but with good reason,” he added with a smile. Humor aside, Radosevic just might be the best person to ask about such things, as the well-known Los Angeles-area business leader appears to have one foot in Beverly Hills and the other planted firmly in Silicon Valley. Radosevic may be the only real estate and investment advisor that is fluent in both cultures, that of venerable and affluent Beverly Hills as well as the indisputable global capital of technology and innovation 350 miles to the north, in California’s Bay Area.

Radosevic’s Canon Properties has a roster of high net worth families and individuals from around the world that turn to the company for sound investment advice that often rewards investors with off-the-chart returns on investment. “My family office and other wealthy clients trust me not only to do high-value leg-work and due diligence but, much more importantly, to sniff out significant and sometimes ground-floor opportunities that are often hidden from the general public,” Radosevic says. The noted real estate and investment leader often presents them with hidden off-market high-yield real estate properties and, sometimes, opportunities to invest in companies that have metrics that are attractive to Radosevic’s clients both here and abroad.

“I’ve been doing this for two decades. Between me and the top analysts that I employ, we have a pretty envious track record,” Radosevic commented. He added that having strong connections and ties in Beverly Hills and Silicon Valley, among other places, gives his clients a decided advantage.

As for technology, Radosevic and his firm are among the first in real estate to not only adopt but to embrace technological advancement. Often asked to speak on the topic at events from coast to coast, the business leader has been able to spread his message far and wide. “My company has been on the leading edge from the beginning,” Radosevic says. “Real estate as an industry has often been slow to adapt to technological changes. At Canon Properties, we have been incorporating artificial intelligence and other advancements to our real estate and property management services for a long time, which has given us a decided advantage,” Radosevic adds. 

As for Tom Cruise, Radosevic has no plans to jump off of tall buildings or undertake impossible missions. He does, however, plan to continue providing his very happy roster of clients with successful investment advice for many years to come. If his appearance in Silicon Valley is any indication, he plans to continue doing exactly that.

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Source: Canon Properties

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