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Runaway Witch

Starting off with a bang in his newly released book "Runaway Witch" from Cadmus Publishing, N.D. MacLaine brings a new world of magic and mystery to the reading audience worldwide. What would you do if you woke up and your friends were trying to kill you - and you don't remember why? Sometimes, this is how a modern witch's day can go …

While it may have been written in an old-fashioned manner (MacLaine prefers pencil and paper to the modern conveniences of a computer when writing his fiction), "Runaway Witch" truly keeps up with modern favorites and styles. Currently living the quiet life in an undisclosed location where he can make the time to write what he wants and how he wants, MacLaine is hard at work on the sequels (book two, Sibling Rivalry, will be releasing soon).

"When I started Runaway Witch I was a total internet addict," MacLaine explains. "I feel it almost destroyed me, which is why I now find myself much happier, having quit it cold turkey. I don't own a computer, tablet or smartphone - and this has given me the time to craft a fantastic tale. Even though I avoid tech as much as possible, my experiences with it still enable me to keep my stories set in a relatable world."

The story: Young witch Ally Barrett has spent years protecting the world from supernatural threats, but now her friends are trying to kill her and she can't remember why. She may find answers in a small Pennsylvania town, where she starts to question everything she's ever believed.

About the Author: Though he currently resides elsewhere, N.D. MacLaine was born and raised in rural southwestern Pennsylvania, not too far from Pittsburgh, and will always call it home. He eschews most modern technology and does all of his writing on a typewriter. When he's not working or writing, he enjoys old TV shows, books, and crossword puzzles. Runaway Witch is his first novel.

For more information about Runaway Witch, please visit or contact Cadmus Publishing at 651-302-2539. Order Runaway Witch directly from Amazon at N.D. MacLaine is available for interviews via email only.

Source: Cadmus Publishing

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