Arizona Author Reveals True Meanings of Ancient Structures and More

Answers to hidden truths found in his new book, The Once and Future Age.

The Once and Future Age, by researcher Joe Richardson, is a travelogue through the passages of knowledge that stray to the very edges of our conscious mind. Joe published his book in the hopes of enabling others to discover what truths have been hidden from us, either deliberately or by their very nature.

Joe Richardson has put his years in Arizona to good use, discovering the anomalies that lay throughout the Earth. In Arizona he has found striking similarities between the first sun-monuments at Cydonia and the line in Arizona that passes through the Winslow Crater, on through the San Francisco peaks, and finally on to Sedona. He has taken the numbers that are evident throughout nature and in human works and discovered the correlations within.

Joe has been working on this book (and others to follow) for years, ensuring that the numbers, facts, conclusions, and evidence all come together properly and logically. He has laid them out in The Once and Future Age so that they can be understood by anyone with the desire to read and learn. Moreover, he is now sharing his knowledge through radio and podcasts as well.

"I fear I may not be getting through to most people how important this information is. It is my intent to inform all who will listen of the nature of these discoveries I (and others) have made!"

Joe's website is He is available for interviews or further questions, and can also be reached through Author's Herald at 651-242-0006, or via e-mail at

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