Not All Renovations Are Created Equal: Experts on the Top Value-Adding Home Renovations

In the Competitive Real Estate Market, Homeowners Seek Effective Ways to Increase the Value of Their Properties

MJ Harris Group

Renovations have long been considered a strategic method to boost a home's worth but not all renovations yield the same return on investment. MJ Harris Group, a leading company specialising in interior design and renovations Melbourne-wide, has unveiled insights on the top renovations that truly add value to a home.

According to MJ Harris Group, when it comes to maximising a property's potential, interior design plays a crucial role and upgrading the overall appearance and ambiance of a home can significantly impact its market appeal and sale price.

Bathroom renovations Melbourne-wide are one of the most impactful ways for adding value to a home, explains MJ Harris Group. A well-designed and updated bathroom not only enhances the residents' daily experience but also impresses potential buyers. Incorporating modern fixtures, high-quality materials and space-efficient layouts can give bathrooms an edge in the market.

Similarly, MJ Harris says kitchen renovations Melbourne-wide have proven to be another wise investment for homeowners. The kitchen is often considered the heart of a home and buyers are drawn to stylish, functional and well-equipped cooking spaces. Renovating the kitchen with contemporary designs, energy-efficient appliances and ample storage can undoubtedly elevate a property's value.

MJ Harris Group emphasises that a successful renovation involves more than just cosmetic upgrades. Ensuring the property is structurally sound is of utmost importance. Structural improvements, such as roof repairs, foundation reinforcement and electrical system updates, provide a sense of security to potential buyers and can add substantial value to a home.

The growing trend of sustainable living has sparked interest in eco-friendly home improvements. Incorporating energy-efficient windows, insulation and renewable energy sources can attract environmentally conscious buyers and increase the property's value, says MJ Harris Group.

While investing in the right renovations can significantly enhance a home's worth, homeowners must exercise caution. Overcapitalising on renovations that do not align with the property's location or target demographic can lead to diminished returns. MJ Harris Group advises seeking professional guidance to develop a renovation strategy tailored to the specific property and market trends.

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