Nortec to Host Healthcare Symposium at Harvard Medical School

Healthcare Community Invited to Inaugural Forum for Advancements in Healthcare Facilities

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Nortec is pleased to introduce its inaugural healthcare symposium, coming to Harvard Medical School on May 31, 2017. This symposium will bring together healthcare professionals and engineering leaders from across the United States to discuss the role of indoor air hydration and humidity on patient outcomes and the importance of creating a healthy indoor environment that supports patient healing and wellbeing of staff.

“This symposium will provide actionable information and advice on how facilities can improve patient outcomes and also significantly reduce operating costs with proper humidification and air purification,” said Duncan Curd, GM of Nortec. “We invite healthcare professionals (COO, CFO, CEO), heads of infection control, control specialists and others involved in healthcare facility operations to learn more about how we can help reduce the burden on the healthcare system by creating ideal indoor environments.”

Maintaining ideal indoor air hydration levels plays a huge role in the reduction of infectious disease transmission within healthcare facilities and must be embraced as we pave the way for a better future in healthcare.

Duncan Curd

GM of Nortec

The event will feature 10 visionary leaders in healthcare facility operations and infrastructure, including Stephanie Taylor, MD, Harvard Medical School Healthcare Association Infections Organization; Don Goldmann, MD, IHI, Harvard Medical School; Derek Feeley, President, IHI; Howard McKew, PE, Partners Hospital Design Engineer Steering Committee, HAIO; Traci Hanegan, PE, Principal, Mechanical Engineer (Coffman); Rahul Rastogi, MD, Chief Operating Officer, Northwest Permanente (Kaiser); and more.

“This symposium is an important step in increasing industry-wide knowledge on the relationship between proper indoor air hydration and the reduction of HAIs,” said Duncan Curd. “Maintaining ideal indoor air hydration levels plays a huge role in the reduction of infectious disease transmission within healthcare facilities and must be embraced as we pave the way for a better future in healthcare.”

This symposium will provide important insights for healthcare and facility engineering professionals. Attendees will:

  • Learn a systems-based approach to aligning the hospital physical environment with best practices in clinical care
  • Learn about implementing an effective and underutilized strategy to improve patient outcomes, reduce financial penalties for adverse patient events and conserve energy use
  • Gain a better understanding of the role of indoor air hydration in infectious disease transmission
  • Decrease non-reimbursable costs from HAIs
  • Decrease hospital staff illness and absenteeism

For more information and to register, please visit the event registration page.

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