Nornickel Supports 'The World in Faces' Photo Exhibition at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris

The exhibition "The World in Faces" of the famous Russian photographer Alexander Khimushin is launched today at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris, with the support of Norilsk Nickel, a Russian metals mining giant. The artist personally presented a collection of 170 artistic photo portraits of representatives of different peoples of the world, shot in authentic national attire in their places of residence. The project is timed to coincide with the International Day of the World's Indigenous People, celebrated annually on August 9. The exhibition will run until the end of August 2021.

Norilsk Nickel cares deeply about the goal of the project - to tell the world about indigenous peoples, draw attention to their problems and contribute to their solution. Many of the portraits presented at the exhibition were made with the support of the company in Taimyr region, where the Dolgans, Enets, Nenets, Evenks and Nganasans live.

"Preserving the natural habitat, traditions, and culture of indigenous peoples, support new opportunities for the development of indigenous activities - these are the issues that bring organizations, artists, and creators closer together. By supporting the exhibition of the World in Faces project at the UNESCO headquarters, Norilsk Nickel continues cooperation with Alexander Khimushin, which began in 2018 with an expedition to Taimyr. Thanks to his work, the whole world can see amazing, beautiful people living in remote corners of our planet, including in the North of Russia," - commented Tatiana Smirnova, Director of the Public Relations Department at Norilsk Nickel.

"It is gratifying that my project resonates with business representatives who understand firsthand the importance of the problem of preserving the unique heritage of indigenous peoples and do a lot to support projects related to the preservation of traditional cultures. So, thanks to the partnership with Norilsk Nickel, I was able to visit the remote corners of the Taimyr Peninsula. I am very proud of our cooperation and hope for a full-fledged partnership in the future," commented photo artist Alexander Khimushin.

Nornickel takes an active part in projects aimed at the economic and social development of the indigenous population of Taimyr. In 2020, Norilsk Nickel entered into a cooperation agreement with organizations representing the interests of the indigenous peoples of the North inhabiting the territory of the Taimyr Peninsula. A comprehensive program for promoting the development of peoples was developed for a total of US $27M. The program will run until 2024 and includes support for traditional activities, protection of the original habitat, as well as funding for housing, medical, infrastructure, tourism and socio-cultural projects.

The idea of the project "The World in Faces" was born in 2014. The collection of Alexander Khimushin's includes portraits of representatives of more than 100 nations. In recent years, Alexander has been working on a project in Siberia. His project largely contributes to the growth of interest in the indigenous peoples of the Siberian region around the world.

Source: MMC Norilsk Nickel


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