Nobel Investments Announces the Addition of SellingBee to Their Portfolio

SellingBee is a cloud-based application that enables sales professionals to manage high-priority relationships. The product works alongside existing CRMs like Salesforce or can serve as a lightweight CRM for business professionals managing a smaller number of contacts (~1,000 or less). The software plugs directly into web-based email clients and alerts and assists users in the follow-up process, ensuring they never lose track of an important relationship. The founding team draws on 20+ years of sales experience. The flagship product has been in beta testing for several months and is commercially available as of May 3, 2021, on the Google Chrome web store.

Ken Kanara, a member of the Board of Directors at SellingBee and who also has been instrumental in helping dozens of private equity clients with their salesforce effectiveness, feels strongly about the impact the product will have on sales productivity. He says, "CRMs have helped bring middle market companies up the curve when it comes to tracking on data on their customers. But this doesn't solve a salesperson's most important task ... following up with the people and clients that matter most. SellingBee solves this and more."

The software, a Google Chrome extension, bridges the gap between CRM (storage) and inbox (sales engagement). The app enables users to store key contacts, helps remind users when to follow-up with them, and, more importantly, ensures that follow-ups are completed. All of this happens in the user's inbox. It can also act as a CRM-lite for users without a full-fledged CRM.

The easy-to-use interface significantly reduces the administrative burden that is required in sending follow-up emails to prospects who are not ready to buy at present, a critical step in the sales process. Nick Fraher, VP of Investments at Nobel Investments, says that "the platform was built by sales professionals who understand both the importance of being diligent in follow-ups as well as how painful actually doing so can be. SellingBee, born on the principle of being effortless to use, helps B2B sales professionals spend less time on repetitive tasks associated with following up, and more time on closing deals."

Nobel Investments is an anchor investor in SellingBee and provided seed capital that helped develop the launch of the product. They continue to fund the operation and serve as advisors to the business' leadership team.

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