ECA Partners Launches New Salary Database in Latest Update to CASCADE


ECA Partners - a tech-enabled executive search firm specializing in private equity and investor-owned companies - has launched the latest version of its proprietary Talent Management System (TMS) and online client portal, CASCADE.

The update introduces ECA's salary database, which provides clients with salary data gleaned from thousands of interviews. Unlike other salary reports, ECA's salary database provides up-to-date data points from real searches, contextualized with information on geography and industry. This information is especially important for hard-to-place roles and roles where an exact fit is critical.

Steven Haug, a Director at ECA, explained: "CASCADE and its salary database provide transparency into real-time data. With the rapid changes in compensation packages over the past two years, traditional salary reports are often out of date by the time they are published. Because ECA conducts hundreds of interviews weekly, CASCADE reflects the salaries candidates are asking for today. This allows ECA's clients to make competitive offers without guesswork and beat those competing for the same talent."

Developed and incubated at ECA, CASCADE is a first-of-its-kind client portal that leverages Atta Tarki's proprietary evidence-based approach to recruiting. The salary database is part of a broader suite of advanced analytics demanded by ECA's private equity clients. 

In addition to the salary database, CASCADE provides clients with real-time updates, in-depth candidate assessments, and reporting on the candidate pipeline - increasing the probability of hiring star performers while decreasing overall time to hire. Ken Kanara, ECA's CEO, added, "Transparency and reduced time to hire is critical for private equity portfolio companies in order to execute value creation plans, especially in the middle market and lower middle market, where competition for talent is most fierce."

About ECA Partners

ECA Partners is a leading project staffing and executive search firm focused on private equity and PE portfolio companies. ECA is a leading proponent of evidence-based methods in the recruitment and evaluation of talent. Founder Atta Tarki is the author of Evidence-Based Recruiting (McGraw Hill, February 2020).

Source: ECA Partners

About ECA Partners

ECA Partners is a leading search firm specializing in placing top candidates in permanent, project and interim roles with PE funds and their portfolio companies.

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