Noah Capital Injects Funding Through Philanthropic Investing in Thailand's Water Projects

In most developed countries, accessing clean, drinking water may be as easy as turning on a tap in the house. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for countless rural communities around the world. There is an estimated one in six people globally that do not have access to the minimum required clean, drinking water and the border community of Mae Sot in Thailand contributes to this number.

Noah Capital has just announced that it will be injecting hundreds of thousands in the form of philanthropic investing in Mae Sot. Chief Operations Officer of Project Noah, Mike Hardy hopes that “this funding will help the local community to kickstart its battle against the daily struggle of accessing sanitary, drinking water and turn their lives around”.

As part of this philanthropic investing water project, Noah Capital will lay the initial foundation and basic infrastructure to help the Mae Sot community gain access to clean, drinking water through filtration systems that use reverse osmosis technology, water tanks and enhanced water pipe and drainage systems. The true success of this water project investment will be realized when water resource management and maintenance skills are imparted to local community leaders and champions, with the objective of Mae Sot eventually being self-reliant, and sustainable. 

Source: Noah Capital


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