NLK Plumbing Explains Common Winter Drainage Problems and Effective Ways to Avoid Them

With winter around the corner and Melbourne temperatures dropping, pipes and drainage systems can become particularly vulnerable.

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According to the leading plumber Werribee-wide, NLK Plumbing, homeowners should be preparing for the winter season by looking for ways to keep pipes and drainage systems functioning at optimum levels to avoid common faults experienced during the colder months. 

In autumn and winter in Melbourne, there is typically more rainfall, and leaves, branches and other debris can block drainage systems, which can be costly to rectify. NLK Plumbing, who can help with blocked drains in Werribee and beyond, says now is the time to inspect drainage systems and remove all debris, to avoid a potential blockage in winter. 

NLK Plumbing explains it can be a good idea to insulate vulnerable pipes to keep them functioning properly throughout winter. Foam can be purchased from the hardware store and is simple to fit while offering necessary protection for pipes which might be exposed to extreme temperatures.

For those living in areas where temperatures drop below freezing, frozen pipes can occur. NLK Plumbing does not recommend pouring hot water down the drain as this can make the pipes thaw too quickly, which can then lead to them bursting. Instead, NLK Plumbing says the thawing process should be carried out gently by soaking towels in hot water and wrapping them around the pipes. 

Homeowners are advised to stop ignoring dripping and leaking pipes as this not only wastes water but can also be a sign of a more serious issue. NLK Plumbing recommends calling in a professional plumber who can assess the issue and fix it properly.

As the top-rated emergency plumber in Melbourne, NLK Plumbing has over 30 years of experience and provides 24-hour professional service. For a rapid and reliable response to any plumbing issues, including hot water repairs in Werribee and beyond, contact NLK Plumbing. Contact us - 0404 803 333

Source: NLK Plumbing