NJE Group Offers Plaintiffs an Easier & More Cost Effective Way to Collect Judgments.

Judgment collections can be costly, time consuming, and difficult. To quell these concerns and obstacles, National Judgment Enforcement Group is easing the burden of judgment collections by conducting these collections without up-front fees for its clients.

National Judgment Enforcement Group exhausts all possibilities when finding a defendant’s employer, bank account, and other assets in order to get their clients what is owed to them. NJE provides judgment collection in the following lines of service: asset location, wage garnishments, bank levies, property liens, legal filings and services, and phone calls and notices.

Plaintiffs can contact NJE Group and use the no risk, free out of pocket legal services offered in order to get what is rightfully theirs. More information can be found at www.njegroup.com.

About National Judgment Enforcement Group

The National Judgment Enforcement Group was formed to help plaintiffs recover judgments with no risk or up-front costs. The company’s primary goal is to provide the most efficient and affordable judgment recovery services in the industry.


Travis D. Howard

Founder & Client Service Executive, NJE Group           

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23210 57th Ave W. #291

Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043                                   

Toll Free Main: 800-381-9167

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E-Mail: clients@njegroup.com; compliance@njegroup.com

Website: http://www.njegroup.com/



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About NJE Group

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NJE Group was established under the premise that all Judgment Creditors deserve an easier, more accessible, and affordable method of collecting judgments. http://www.njegroup.com