NJE Group Debuts Broker Service for Judgment Collections

​National Judgment Enforcement Group (NJE Group), a collection agency that specializes in the recovery of court ordered judgments, is introducing a new broker service to aid clients in locating a suitable law firm for their specific judgment collection needs.

“Our judgment broker service saves the time and hassle of trying to locate a law firm, while still providing the same accommodation of free out-of-pocket services,” said Travis D. Howard, Founder of NJE Group.

Collecting on judgments is never an easy process.  Defendants typically make every effort to hide their assets to prevent collection through traditional measures of wage garnishments, bank levies and property liens.  NJE Group’s new broker service provides clients with an additional option when more forceful methods are required.

If NJE Group can’t collect through traditional avenues, the agency’s new broker service helps individuals find an attorney to handle the case through its vast network of law professionals. Sometimes the best solution is to involve the services of a collection attorney who can employ more aggressive tactics that include seizing personal tangible assets.

To facilitate the collection process, NJE Group provides asset reports and other pertinent information about the defendant to create a broker packet.  The broker presentation packet includes a cover letter explaining the case, data about the defendant(s) and available assets.  A complete asset report is included, along with business licenses and valuable information that the attorney can utilize to help the law firm collect on the judgment.

The extensive range of information that NJE Group can provide makes the judgment more valuable and easier for the law firm to collect, and the broker service provides individuals with multiple benefits.

·         Clients save time trying to locate a law firm

·         Individuals save money by utilizing the best law firm to handle their case on a percentage basis

·         The client doesn’t pay NJE Group to broker the judgment and there’s only a slight fee increase from the original service agreement

NJE Group is a premiere collection agency with one of the highest recovery rates in the industry. The new broker service available through the agency helps clients locate the specialized collection attorneys needed when more aggressive techniques are required to collect their court-ordered judgment.

About NJE Group

National Judgment Enforcement Group was established with the premise that most judgment creditors ought to have a better, more convenient and economical method for collecting their judgments.  NJE Group absolutely does not solicit money from clients.  The group’s major objective is to always offer the most efficient and reasonable recovery service in the industry, reducing client difficulties and expenses. 

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About NJE Group

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NJE Group was established under the premise that all Judgment Creditors deserve an easier, more accessible, and affordable method of collecting judgments. http://www.njegroup.com