NJE Group Earns Verified Existence Seal From Trust Guard

National Judgment Enforcement Group (NJE Group), a collection agency that provides Plaintiffs with an affordable, hassle free method of recovering judgments, is proud to publish that they have received a “verified existence seal” from Trust Guard, an association that promotes ethical company standards by granting trust seals & assisting in consumer dispute resolution by mediation. 

NJE Group was required to pass Trust Guard’s comprehensive review process prior to acquiring the trust seal.  The process validated information that included address, website domain & compliance manager contact information.  The trust seal is now displayed on NJE Group’s website. The seal helps build confidence & sound client relationships by confirming that the information on NJE Group’s site has been verified to be accurate by a trusted third party.    

About Trust Guard, LLC

Trust Guard is a company that specializes in third party business verification, dispute resolution & security services.  It was started in 2006 to help companies build trust & credibility by providing reassurance to customers that a business is legitimate.  http://www.trust-guard.com/business-verified

About NJE Group

National Judgment Enforcement Group was established under the premise that all judgment creditors deserve an easier, more accessible & affordable method of collecting judgments. NJE Group does not ask for any money from clients. The group’s primary goal is to provide the most efficient and affordable judgment recovery services in the industry, easing client worries & frustration.  More information can be found at: http://www.njegroup.com.

Media Contact

Travis D. Howard

Founder & Client Service Executive, NJE Group  

Mailing Address: 23210 57th Ave W. #291

Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043                                  

Toll Free Main: 800-381-9167

Main: 206-858-8128

Main Fax: 206-238-6899

E-Mail:  clients@njegroup.com; compliance@njegroup.com

Website: www.njegroup.com

About NJE Group

NJE Group was established under the premise that all Judgment Creditors deserve an easier, more accessible, and affordable method of collecting judgments. http://www.njegroup.com

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