NJE Group Announces Introduction of Its Multi-Tiered Asset Verification Service

​​​​Travis D. Howard, Founder and Client Service Executive of National Judgment Enforcement Group (NJE Group), announced the launch of the group’s exclusive “multi-tiered” asset verification service. The agency specializes in discovering hidden assets to enforce recovery of court ordered judgments for Plaintiffs.

“The vast amount of resources we have at our disposal to locate assets is what sets us apart in the judgment collection industry,” said Howard.

In addition to their in-house skip tracing department, NJE Group utilizes a network of companies that specialize in asset verification.  The concept of the multi-tiered system is to exhaust as many resources as necessary until an asset is verified.  If NJE Group’s in-house skip tracing department is unsuccessful in locating an attainable asset, then the group can outsource the judgment to a partnered skip trace firm, or a “tier”.  If that firm is unsuccessful, then it can be outsourced to a different asset verification firm.  This process can be repeated until either an asset is located, or all efforts are determined exhausted.

NJE Group utilizes a variety of methods to assist clients in collecting their judgments. The most common technique is a wage garnishment until the debt is paid. A bank levy temporarily freezes accounts, allows funds to be seized, and typically provides one of the best methods of recovery. Property liens may also be employed in the event that property is sold or refinanced.

The introduction of National Judgment Enforcement Group’s multi-tiered asset verification and collection service provides clients with an enhanced method of locating and identifying physical and liquid assets that are available for court ordered judgment collection.  The group’s exclusive methodology and unique network of associates provide clients with financial recoveries that are efficient and effective.

For more information, the company can be reached by phone at 800-381-9167, by FAX at 206-238-6899, via e-mail at clients@njegroup.com, or by visiting www.njegroup.com online.

About NJE Group

National Judgment Enforcement Group was established under the premise that all judgment creditors deserve an easier, more accessible and affordable method of collecting judgments. NJE Group does not ask for any money from clients. The group’s primary goal is to provide the most efficient and affordable judgment recovery services in the industry, easing client worries and frustration. 

About NJE Group

NJE Group was established under the premise that all Judgment Creditors deserve an easier, more accessible, and affordable method of collecting judgments. http://www.njegroup.com

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