Nixalite of America Inc. Now Offers SolaTrim Pest Barrier

Nixalite of America Inc., the leading manufacturer of bird control products for 66 years, has added SolaTrim Pest Barriers to its extensive product line.

To continue its industry-leading legacy, Nixalite of America Inc. now offers SolaTrim Pest Barriers to protect rooftop solar panels from birds, pests, and other wildlife. 

Why do solar panels need protection?
Rooftop solar panels can become a home for wildlife and debris if not protected properly. If birds, squirrels, and other wildlife are able to build nests or if debris is able to collect underneath the solar panels, you run the risk of having a fire hazard or damaging the solar panels. ​In order to protect your solar panel investment, Nixalite of America Inc. now offers SolaTrim Pest Barriers.

These American-made pest barriers prevent all types of birds, wildlife, and debris from nesting under or damaging residential solar panels.

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Why use SolaTrim?
These American-made pest barriers prevent all types of birds, wildlife, and debris from nesting under or damaging residential solar panels. SolaTrim's coated, reinforced aluminum body provides permanent, all-weather protection while still allowing for proper airflow to circulate underneath the panels. ​SolaTrim's modern adhesive technology provides a permanent peel-and-stick bonding for a quick and easy installation without the use of mechanical fasteners.

About Nixalite of America Inc.
​Nixalite is the leading manufacturer of effective and humane pest and wildlife control products. Established in 1950, Nixalite is a third generation family owned firm with over 150 years of combined experience in bird control. We are the most respected and trusted company in the pest and wildlife control industry.

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