Nixalite of America Inc. Helps Customers Stay Pest-Free This Memorial Day

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, Nixalite of America Inc. is offering tips and products to keep unwanted pests from ruining the holiday weekend's festivities.

Memorial Day Tips

As people across the country enjoy the outdoors for Memorial Day, Nixalite of America Inc. is offering tips and products to help its customers stay pest-free. 

​These easy steps will ensure your Memorial Day weekend is pest-free:

​- Keep all food/drink containers and trash cans tightly sealed

- Mow yards and trim vegetation

- Wearing long-sleeved shirts or pants will keep mosquitoes from biting

- Remove any standing water from bird baths, gutters, etc. so that mosquitoes don't have a place to breed

- Search for wasp, bee, and yellow jacket nests before festivities begin

- Avoid drinking beer (Studies show that mosquitoes are more attracted to those drinking beer!)

Nixalite offers a wide range of products that will help keep pests away this Memorial Day weekend:

Liquid and Granular Repellents
Nixalite of America Inc's pest repellent products repel mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and other flying insects. These products are easy to use and are safe for people, pets, and plants.

Copper Blocker Access Control
​Nixalite's Copper Blocker keeps small birds, bats, rodents, and insects from getting through cracks and other openings of your home. And it's currently on sale!

​Premium Stainless Steel Bird Spikes
​Insects are the only pests that can ruin your Memorial Day - birds can wreak havoc as well! Nixalite's Premium Bird Spikes will help deter all types of birds from just about any location. 

​IGEBA TF-35 Thermal Fogger
​If you have a large area that is being infested by insects or birds, Nixalite's IGEBA Thermal Foggers are the perfect solution. This lightweight and portable fogger is capable of applying 11 gallons of solution per hour and is currently on sale!

​Nixalite is the leading manufacturer of effective and humane pest bird and wildlife control products. Established in 1950, Nixalite is a third generation family owned firm with over 150 years of combined experience.

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