NIID Launched a Kickstarter Campaign for the UNO II - a Totally New Kind of Interchangeable Backpack for Everyday Essentials

UNO II Backpack

​Charlottesville, VA, February 21, 2017 (Newswire) - The NIID team has worked on several successful backpack and bag products that have useful features and exceptional quality, including some that have been Amazon Exclusives. With UNO II, the company has raised the bar once again with a clever backpack with a single zipper and interchangeable interior panels that allow the backpack to be customized for any carrying scenario.

The UNO II has a revolutionary integrated design centered around a single piece of durable, water-repellent fabric and a single zipper. The wrap around zipper design allows the backpack to be opened completely into a single flat surface that exposes the entire contents in a single motion. Packing and unpacking have never been easier and the special design allows for unfettered access to any and all items.

We were tired of choosing between stylish backpacks and practical backpacks as our daily needs changed. We knew what we wanted and we knew we could improve on what choices were out there. We put our designers to work then rigorously tested the results. When we hit upon the UNO II design, we knew we had achieved what we wanted, a functional and essential day-pack for everyone.

Jason Li, Founder

Originally designed for the demanding needs of photographers, the UNO II can safely hold a variety of items and accessories while still allowing fast and full access. The special needs of photographers inspired the design team to create a backpack that would be perfect for anyone and fit a variety of applications. To do so, they created modular interchangeable interior panels that could instantly customize the UNO II for the different needs of their users.

Each UNO II features a standard work panel insert that fits snugly inside the pack and is perfect for business people, office workers and students on the go. This padded panel holds a laptop securely and includes an additional pocket for mobile phones and small items.

The add-on camera panel insert is the perfect solution for the photographer on the go and is perfectly suited to protect a DSLR camera, tripod, and accessories. The sports panel insert is made to keep gym clothes and gear separate from other items in the pack and cleverly becomes its own mini pack with comfortable elastic straps. Finally, the art panel is designed with students and creatives in mind and has a pocketed and zippered interior insert for art or drawing supplies.

All of this functionality didn’t come at the sacrifice of style either. The UNO II is constructed in a modern urban design that is the lightweight and low profile. The single heavy duty zipper has full-metal pulls and the pack has hidden exterior pockets for quick access items. The water repellent eco-poly fabric is scuff and wear resistant and is available in charcoal, gray, or pink to fit any style, outfit or occasion.

Stylish, functional and comfortable, the UNO II has been turning heads and garnering attention in major world cities as the prototypes were being tested. Now the NIID team is making it available for pre-sale to the public with special pricing for Kickstarter backers.

The Kickstarter campaign is officially open beginning on Feb 22nd and can be seen here:

Source: NIID

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