Nightlock Now Offers Sneeze Guards for Schools Nationwide

Michigan-based security company adds new social-distancing products to its line of school and residential devices

Practice Social Distancing in the Classroom

​​School-safety company Nightlock has broadened its line of school security products with the unveiling of its Sneeze Guards. Responding to the urgent demand for school safety needs across the nation due to COVID-19, these products consist of clear acrylic panels that are perfect for preventing the spread of germs and transmission of disease.

Easy to install and set up, Nightlock’s sneeze guards are used to provide a line of defense against classroom desks, teacher’s desks, cafeteria tables, and countless other applications. After use, the sneeze guards fold flat for simple cleaning and quick storage to accommodate busy classrooms and school facilities.

Sneeze guards from Nightlock are most-effectively implemented according to the company’s recommendations, which conform to the current CDC social distancing guidelines against the spread of COVID-19 in schools. These safety guidelines include:

1.  Space desks six feet apart in classrooms.

2.  Class sizes should be kept to necessary spacing requirements.

3.  Space students as far apart as feasible.

4.  Arrange all desks facing the same direction to the front of the classroom.

5.  Teachers should maintain six feet of spacing away from students.

6.  Post signage to indicate proper social distancing and hygiene.

As hundreds of thousands of U.S. schools prepare for in-person learning, there’s no question that cleanliness is top of mind for parents, students, and educators. Schools are taking as many measures as possible to deal with the newest viral threat. Recently conducted studies, including one conducted by industrial cleaning company OpenWorks, surveyed educators' biggest worries and actions about the upcoming school year and safety in the wake of COVID-19. Those surveyed felt that the school areas that are most prone to germs include: bathrooms (89%), cafeterias (81%), buses (77%), locker rooms (71%), computer labs (70%), regular classrooms (67%), gyms (66%), and playgrounds (66%). Nightlock’s line of sneeze guards is a cost-effective solution proven to improve the health and safety of these areas in schools and educational facilities.

Nightlock’s innovative products have been developed as a high-performing response to the rise in threats that affect children, faculty, and the community at large. Nightlock’s addition of its sneeze guards to its line of security products complements the company’s best-selling flagship product, the Nightlock® Lockdown Door Barricade devices, as well as Campus Safety Shades, and more.

Nightlock is a family-owned commercial- and residential-security company based in Mount Morris, Michigan. Founded in 2011, Nightlock manufactures, markets, and installs its patented Nightlock® home, school, and business-security products to enhance the lives of its customers through increased security and safety. Since the company’s founding, Nightlock’s products have been used in thousands of schools, churches, government and retail buildings, as well as homes across the United States. Nightlock has been featured in Government Technology and many national news outlets.

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