NFT Project Crypto Pharaohs to Build First Wonder in the Metaverse

Crypto Pharaohs Metaverse

Next Decentrum Technologies Inc ("Next Decentrum") announced today that it has successfully completed the launch of its generative NFT collection Crypto Pharaohs, a collection of digital collectibles inspired by the ancient Egyptian civilization, with an oversubscribed first drop that exceeded expected revenue for Jan. 2022 by 20%, and now plans to build the first wonder of the metaverse.

The NFT market exploded last year driven by sales of art and digital collectibles, reaching a staggering value of $41billion by the end of 2021 according to a recent article published on

"We're thrilled with the success of our first drop, and the loyal community we built," said Hussein Hallak, Founder & CEO of Next Decentrum. "Building the first wonder in the Metaverse just further cements our commitment to developing the Crypto Pharaohs brand and experience."

This first wonder will be an open world, with Pyramids surrounded by an Innovation Center, Grand Council, Universal Campus, and the Museum District.

"We're confident the project will continue to be a great representation of our rich Egyptian history and culture," said Hatem Kandeel, Founder and CEO of DAF Holding. "Working with our partners we've planned several events and projects in the art and culture space."

The next drop of 739 Crypto Pharaohs is on Feb. 22, on Momentable, a proprietary NFT platform developed by Next Decentrum on the Flow blockchain. Interested collectors must visit CryptoPharaohs.World


Hussein Hallak - Founder and Chief Executive Officer


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Source: Next Decentrum Technologies Inc.