NFT-Based Card Game Platform 'Kollect' Enters 'DeNations' Metaverse

Kollect, an NFT-based card game platform, is entering DeNations' metaverse through partnership. 

Through this partnership with DeNations, Kollect will own one of DeNations' Meta Lands, which they can utilize for events and interact with the users. The users of DeNations will be able to obtain special resources in the Meta Land or the lands nearby. These resources can be used for creating exclusive NFTs related to Kollect and used as a boosting item for lands and nations in the DeNations metaverse. The officials stated that companies will be able to create a mutually beneficial partnership by forming an interoperable marketplace and thereby elevating their user content experience.

DeNations metaverse is the world's first nations-based metaverse and currently has 195 nation NFTs inspired by real-world nations. In DeNations metaverse, players can own nations and lands, build civilizations, and earn tokens. DeNations is currently backed by Korea Investment Partners (investor of Animoca Brands) and NXC (parent company of Nexon, Korea's largest game company).

Kollect is a GameFi platform that provides IP-based NFT collection book service and TCG games. Users will be able to stake their NFT cards in the collection book, or they can play the "World of Cards" game with NFT-based characters to strategically earn profit. The users of Kollect will earn KOL as a reward for participating. Also, Kollect provides a variety of rewards depending on the collection's diversity, the amount of KOL staked, the rarity of cards, and in-game performance.

DeNations' land is where citizens live, collect resources, and discover treasure NFTs. There are in total 390,000 unique lands in DeNations metaverse. The lands can later become territories of the nations and get infrastructure support from the nations.

DeNations started their first land mint on June 2nd. Currently, the first two rounds of "USA" land opening are all minted and sold out. Details on this will be updated on DeNations and Kollect's Twitter and Discord channels.

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