DeNations Launches Official Marketplace

DeNations is launching its official marketplace where users can directly purchase DeNations NFT. The official marketplace will serve as a trading hub for DeNations NFT. Furthermore, the marketplace will provide exclusive benefits and events. Starting from Dec. 27, there will be a 50% discount for the launching event. 

First off, DeNations' Nation NFT will be available to purchase in DENA tokens when the marketplace launches. The Nation NFT is a core ownership of DeNations, and users can benefit from staking NFT and earning DENA tokens. There are a total of 196 nations available to be traded on the marketplace. Every Nation NFT has different token-earning abilities which depend on the DGDP stats of the nations, and the DGDP reflects the real-world GDP.

Detailed information about the marketplace will be updated on DeNations social media channels. Please visit DeNations' official website or Twitter account for more information.

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