NextGen Prospect (NGP) Adds Analytics Arm

NextGen Amplifies Pro Personnel Technology with Analytics Division

NextGen Prospect, an emerging sports technology company, proudly announces the establishment of its new Data Analytics Division, dedicated to harnessing the groundbreaking technology: NextGen Logic.

The introduction of this division signifies a leap in NextGen's dedication to sports analytics, promising not just enhanced data processing, but a transformative experience designed to integrate seamlessly with and elevate existing analytics programs.

"Our industry is enriched with sophisticated analytics tools, and we've always celebrated their significance," shares NextGen founder Marc Vitticore. "The inception of our Data Analytics Division, powered by the NextGen Logic technology, is a testament to our commitment. We're not here to replace existing systems but to offer an enriched, deeper layer of analysis, bringing unparalleled insights to the forefront."

Promising Outcomes in Early Testing

The NextGen Logic technology underwent rigorous testing with a select group of sports professionals. While the details are confidential, the initial feedback has been nothing short of impressive. Test participants have lauded its intuitive design, depth of analysis, and its unique capability to work in harmony with other analytics tools.

The sports analytics community is alive with anticipation, keenly awaiting more comprehensive insights into what the NextGen Logic technology and the new division promise. 

Vitticore elaborated, "NextGen Logic's true strength lies in its adaptability. Designed to cater to a spectrum of sports—from football and basketball to baseball, lacrosse, and more—it dovetails seamlessly with our broader vision for the future."

Team Powered

As the landscape of sports analytics becomes increasingly complex, tailored solutions are the key to unlocking deeper insights. Reflecting on this, Vitticore remarked, "Central to NextGen's ethos is the power of adaptability. Every team and partner brings distinct analytical challenges. Our commitment is to offer a platform that's not only robust but also exceptionally customizable, ensuring that our clients can mold their analytics to meet their unique demands."

About NextGen Prospect

With an unwavering commitment to innovation, NextGen Prospect has consistently pushed the boundaries of sports data technology. The introduction of the new Data Analytics Division, fortified by the NextGen Logic technology, is yet another milestone in their journey to redefine and elevate sports data management.

Source: NextGen Prospect

About NextGen Prospect

Headquartered in Fairport, NY, NextGen Prospect is a cutting edge roster management technology and data visualization solution.

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