Next Up on Kickstarter: The Marker That Never Dries Out

ALL BUTTON's Airless Pen set to launch on Kickstarter on Sept. 21

Unlike typical markers, Airless Pen is created with a retractable silicon cap that prevents air inflow into the pen so the ink never runs dry. This specialized cap, which is installed in the pen, creates a small vacuum space where the water-based ink stays fluid. Airless Pen is the perfect instrument for an individual’s creative space as it eliminates the hassle of pen caps.

Airless Pen is a marker available in 12 different colors that works just like a traditional marker but without the nuisance of its ink drying out. The marker is designed like a pen with a button and features a specialized internal cap that supports long-lasting usability and convenience.

Pre-order of Airless Pen will be available on its Kickstarter campaign for a limited time after its launch. Individuals can now sign up to receive exclusive updates on Any influencers or journalists interested in receiving a unit and reviewing Airless Pen are encouraged to send in a contact inquiry through the website.


ALL BUTTON INC. is a California-based startup committed to creating useful stationery. ALL BUTTON INC. is comprised of a team of experts and engineers aiming to expand its global market with innovative everyday products. The products are designed and developed in Newport Beach, California, and are manufactured in Seoul, Korea.


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