Neximatic Supports Medaxion in Vital Sign Charting Automation


Continuing to advance productivity and quality for anesthesia practices, Medaxion has partnered with Neximatic to automate vital sign charting on its mobile Anesthesia Information Management System. By integrating with Neximatic’s Vital Sign Streaming, Medaxion’s Pulse electronic health record will work more efficiently, reducing manual entry and allowing increased focus on patient care. 

Medaxion’s solutions simplify data entry and provide real-time access to actionable information collected in the operating room. Over 4,000 anesthesia providers now utilize the easy-to-use solution in their daily clinical work. Coupled with Neximatic’s technology, blood pressures, heart rate, gas data and other vital signs from anesthesia machines and monitors are automatically presented on Medaxion’s platform. This integration improves documentation accuracy and enhances clinical communication.

“Neximatic’s solutions are flexible and straightforward,” said Jeff McLaren, Chief Executive Officer of Medaxion. “With Neximatic, we can implement automated vitals quickly in any facility. We look forward to working with Neximatic to streamline anesthesia workflow.”

Neximatic’s solution leverages each facility’s existing infrastructure and does not require expensive IT investment such as servers or specialized networks, minimizing up-front cost and time of deployment. “Our relationship with Medaxion is very unique,” said Bobby Wong, President of Neximatic. “We share a mutual goal to harness the power of innovative technology solutions that bring significant benefits to anesthesia providers.”

About Neximatic, Inc.

Neximatic, Inc. is a technology provider for electronic health record (EHR) providers, enabling new features in EHRs. Its vital sign streaming solution has enabled automatic charting in AIMS and tele-health applications. For more information, please visit or email to

About Medaxion, Inc.

Medaxion provides perioperative information solutions to anesthesia practices, hospitals and surgery centers that deliver actionable, real-time information. The company’s mobile platform improves financial performance and productivity, automates manual processes and optimizes coordination of clinical resources. Please visit for more information.

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About Neximatic Inc

Neximatic Inc. offers technology solution that enables new automation in electronic health record (EHR) systems. Neximatic's Vital Sign Streaming Solution automates vital sign charting on EHRs, raising quality of patient care and efficiency.

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